Anxiety and Your Chihuahua: A Henley Pretzel Post

Henley Pretzel gets nervous. He’s part chihuahua, what can we say? When nervous, he shakes, pants, and sings the song of his people.

Exhibit A:

Henley’s triggers seem to be the usual things that make most dogs nervous: Fireworks, thunder, lightening, loud trucks, car rides, etc. For the 4th of July this year, Henley and cousin Teton went camping to get away from the fireworks. Henley enjoyed his first firework-free camping trip.

Exhibit B:

Henley Pretzel

Slug or adventure dog? Your pick. No middle ground.

When Henley gets nervous, we will always put on his Thundershirt (which we blogged about here), and basically hold him and pet him until he calms down.

Henley’s newest trigger is the portable air conditioner that hangs out in the bedroom at night. As best as we can tell, it’s not so much as having the air conditioner ON that bothers him, but it’s when we TURN it on when he’s in the room that makes him nervous. If it’s on when he enters the room, no big deal. Weird, right?)

In any event, putting him in his Thundershirt helps, but we were interested in what else we could do. I went over to my local Mud Bay store and the saleswoman recommended VetriScience Composure dog chews. I think they were about $15 for a 30 count at Mud Bay, but Chewy has them for $10! Score!

HP 2

The chews are made of natural ingredients and chicken liver flavored. For dogs up to 51 lbs, it says they can have one chew per day or as needed, although it is safe to double or triple the dose in high stress scenarios.



Henley’s a 14-pounder, so last night, when I turned on the AC and he got nervous, we cut one of the chews in half for him. We didn’t know how it would affect him, so better to go on the small side to start. We also put on his Thundershirt, for good measure.


It took about 15 minutes or so, but we saw a noticeable change in him! He stopped shaking and started breathing more normally and pretty soon was fast asleep for the rest of the night. And he was up like normal this morning, raring to go on our morning walk! We’ll definitely be using the VetriScience Composure chews again if we need to, while simultaneously trying to avoid triggering Henley’s anxiety in the first place.

The chews get ⅘ stars on Chewy and 4.8/5 stars on Amazon, so seems like other people have had success with VetriScience Composure chews, as well.

Make sure you talk to your vet if you have any concerns about your pet ingesting anything new, if you have concerns!

Thanks for the guest post, Henley P.! 

Happy tails…

IQ Studio Leather Dog Collars

Happy Friday!

Teton has had a lot…and I mean, a lot of collars over the years. But, believe it or not, he’s never had a leather collar. I guess I always thought that dogs with super fluff couldn’t/shouldn’t wear leather collars because their hair would get pulled, matted, etc. in them, but when Angie at IQ Studio (check out Angie’s Dog Mom Project here!) offered to send us one of her handmade collars to review I was excited to give it a go!

IQ Studio has quite the range of handmade leather collars to choose from. We ended up selecting the Sizzling Red.

IQ Studios 3

Isn’t it pretty? ♥ Remember that part about super fluff? Well, Teton is the definition of super fluff so, while I snapped a few photos of him in his new IQ Studio leather collar, all you can see his hair so take my word for it that his collar looks great on him.😉

Collars from IQ Studio are made of a high quality leather that’s super durable. The hardware, as you can see from the photo above, is made from hearty brass. Together, they make for an awesome leather collar that I have no doubt will last for years and years.

I’m happy to report that Teton’s hair has not gotten pulled or matted or compromised in any way since he’s had this collar, so I guess I was wrong about that super fluff.

IQ Studios 5

IQ Studio was kind enough to send one of their detachable bow ties along with our Sizzling Red collar. While the bow ties aren’t available on their site currently, they do offer collars like the Glamorous which has a flower attached to it.

If you’re in the market for a new collar for your pup, check out the assortment from IQ Studio! Thanks to Angie (and Sawyer, Pixie, and Nala) for sending Teton his collar!

Happy tails…


Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Dog Treats

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday

Teton had quite the social calendar this weekend, so both he and I are looking forward to a lazy Sunday.😉 He’ll be snoozin’ all day and I’ll be doing my typical Sunday things…laundry, cleaning, and cooking. It’s actually usually a pretty relaxing day for me.

All week long Teton (and his pals) have been munching on these new treats that hooked us up with.

Natural Balance 4

These are Natural Balance’s new Wild Pursuit treats. We got the lamb lung variety but they are also available in venison lung. Made with just one ingredient – lamb lung – these treats are grain-free, full of protein, and extra crunchy. They also smell just plain awful which makes them very, very tasty for your dog.

Natural Balance 1

Both the venison and lamb lung varieties are available in a 2.5-oz bag and are on sale for $6.69 on Teton has been getting 1-2 of these little nuggets a day and we have a lot of life left in our bag!



More, please?

Check these out if your dog likes dehydrated treats! They’re a great option.

Happy tails…

Disclaimer: Her Dog Blog was sent this product in exchange for our honest review and no compensation other than the product was received.

4-Legger Shampoo + My Latest Etsy Finds


I hope you’re enjoying your summer. How insane is it that it’s already July?!?! Summer goes by as fast as the weekend.😦 I made a summer bucket list and we’ve checked off a few items but have lots more to go. Better get to it!

You may remember that a while back, Teton’s cousin Henley Pretzel reviewed 4-Legger’s Aloe and Lemongrass Organic Pet Shampoo.


Well, the kind folks at 4-Legger recently sent us a bottle of their new scent, Oatmeal Aloe and Lavender to test. We went camping over the 4th of July to get Teton and Henley away from the boom sticks (fireworks) and after our trip Teton was in desperate need of a bath.

Much to Teton’s dismay, I lathered him up in 4-Legger’s Oatmeal Aloe and Lavender scent and made sure to wash all the delightful smells of the campsite off of him. Just like the Aloe and Lemongrass variety, the Oatmeal Aloe and Lavender smelled great, sudsed up swimmingly, and rinsed out with ease. It left Teton smelling clean as a whistle.

If you’re in the market for a new shampoo, give this or any of the other 4-Legger varieties a try. (You can even test all three scents with their sample pack.)

Big thanks to 4-Legger for letting us try out your shampoo!

I haven’t shared my latest dog-friendly Etsy finds in a while! Enjoy.🙂

I Ruff You.jpg

I Ruff You Print from Mod Pop Deco

Donut Collar

Donut Dog Collar from Mutts N’ Such

Pizza Collar

Pizza Dog Collar from Mutts N’ Such

Dog Mom Mug

Dog Mom Mug from Henry and Penny

Dog Dad Mug

Dog Dad Mug from Mugs on Main

You Me & The Dog

You Me And The Dog Print from WonderFlies

Dachsund Sweatshirt

Dachshund Sweatshirt from Shaded Love (squeeee!)

Boston Terrier Keychain

Boston Terrier Custom Keychain from Tag Soup (lots of other breeds available!)

Dog Wall Art

Dog Wall Art from Things We Left Behind

Coffee Books Dogs Naps Shirt

Coffee Books Dogs Naps T-Shirt from Chummy Tees

That’ll do it. For now at least.😉

Happy tails…

Disclaimer: Her Dog Blog was sent this product in exchange for our honest review and no compensation other than the product was received.

Ziwi Peak Good-Dog Treats

Happy Summer!

I am loving the warm weather here in Washington State but Teton is pretty darn hot. He wears his Kool Collar every day and that helps a lot, but I’m sure he prefer it if the weather never got above 75 degrees.🙂

If you are in need of a new treat for your dog this summer, snag a bag of Ziwi Peak’s Good-Dog Treats from

Ziwi Peak 3

Our friends at were kind enough to send us a bag of the lamb recipe to test a few weeks ago. Teton loves these treats because they are extra soft and extra smelly!

Here he is on his new bed waiting for one…

Teton 1

Ziwi Peak’s Good-Dog Treats in the lamb recipe have just a few ingredients including lamb meat and parsley and they’re grain-free with no preservatives or extra fillers.

Ziwi Peak 2


These little nibblers come in small strips that are easily broken to make training treats. I like to hide them in interactive toys like the Outward Hound Doggy Blocks because they smell great to Teton which makes them a motivating reward.

Ziwi Peak’s Good-Dog line of treats come in lamb, venison, and beef flavors and they’re all on sale at now!

Teton 2

Happy tails…

Disclaimer: Her Dog Blog was sent this product in exchange for our honest review and no compensation other than the product was received.

The Dog Mom Project – Angie & Sawyer

The Dog Mom Project – Angie & Sawyer

Introduce yourself! Share a selfie with you and your dog.

♥ Hi, My name is Angie, dog mom of three, leather artisan and future lawyer. I love handcrafting leather dog collars, eating avocados, and dancing in my room.

Check out Angie’s handmade leather collars here. They’re amazing! 

Dog Mom Project - Angie & Sawyer

Ok, tell us about your dog. What’s his/her name? Age? Breed?

♥ My dog’s name is Sawyer. He is 6 months and of course filled with so much love and energy. Sawyer constantly receives remarks because of his comical expressions and because he has not acquired that signature German Shepherd pointy-eared look. However, his beautiful midnight coat, sweet honey colored eyes, and solid muscular regal silhouette make up for his goofy floppy eared face, non-graceful and clumsy gallop, and his constant battle staying balanced with his enormous paws.

What is your favorite thing about your dog?

♥ My favorite thing about Sawyer is his mellow and at times well collected personality. Every minute with Sawyer is an adventure and a learning experience- he is inquisitive, warmhearted and protective.

When do you and your dog have the most fun together?

♥ Sawyer strives to make every moment of our lives fun. During playtime and walks we have the most fun. Although he is mellow and tranquil, he will never pass up a playtime opportunity.

Does your dog have any quirky habits? Tell us about them.

♥ Sawyer enjoys gazing at his reflection and his various head tilting positions. He is also obsessed with water and must be in it no matter the body size of water. He must stomp and flop through every body of water and then turns around to observe the waves he created and tries to catch the waves with his teeth. Sawyer can spend large amounts of time gazing and inspecting his reflection- he use to run into our mirror and bark at his reflection- now he constantly tilts his head and heavily observes the various ways his head moves.

Finish this sentence. If my dog had a song stuck in his/her head, it would be…

♥ Train – Drops of Jupiter

At what point did you realize you weren’t just someone who has a dog, but a dog mom?

♥ From the moment I saw and felt his serene, warmhearted, and fuzzy face. I held him minutes after he was born and tears of joy streamed down my face as his tender and gently touch soothed and lightened every aspect of my life.

What’s one thing you want someone without a dog to know about being a dog mom?

♥ Dogs are amazing family members. Their unconditional love is something we all naturally seek and need. If given the opportunity- they will always display their love and loyalty without expecting something in return. Once you open your home to a dog- your entire view point about the world and surroundings will change and for the better.

What’s your favorite dog product?

♥ Kongs. We give Sawyer his kibble and treats in them, which helps him eat slower while being entertained and challenged. Kongs are a great help for our highly active 3 dogs.

Now, share a favorite picture of your dog with us. 

Dog Mom Project - Sawyer

Happy tails…

The Dog Mom Project – Melissa & Kyra

The Dog Mom Project – Melissa & Kyra

Introduce yourself! Share a selfie with you and your dog.

♥ Melissa is the name, dogs are my game.  I love all dogs, they’re just amazing creatures.  People have told me when they die they’d like to come back as one of my dogs because I treat them like royalty.













Ok, tell us about your dog. What’s his/her name? Age? Breed?

♥ My little girl is Kyra…aka Ky…and when she’s feisty she’s The Kaiser.  DNA tests tell me she’s mostly Pomeranian with a mix of various terriers in there.  She’s going to be 8 years old (or so we think) this year.  Ky was a little street dog found out in Tacoma.  She apparently had a hard start to her little life…has a bee-bee shot imbedded in her back and you can tell she’s had a broken rib.  I got her at about a year old and have tried my best to give her the life she deserves as a princess.  She’s the most amazing little girl and everyone falls in love with her when they meet her…she even has her own fan club.

What is your favorite thing about your dog?

♥ Her personality definitely.  She’s an independent girl, but at the end of the day she loves nothing better than snuggling with me on the couch and then cuddling in my armpit when we go to bed.

When do you and your dog have the most fun together?

♥ I love the times when we grab her favorite toy and play on the living room floor.  It’s a toy flower I got from BarkBox that she loves chewing on while I try to steal it from her.  She playfully growls and pretends to snip at my hand until I finally get it and throw it across the room for her to go get…then we begin the process again.

Does your dog have any quirky habits? Tell us about them.

♥ Well, there’s our after breakfast chat.  It’s been the same thing every morning for years.  I give her breakfast, and go back to getting dressed for work.  Once she’s done she comes to the bathroom doorway and sits politely.  I give her a good back scratch while I ask her how her breakfast was…then I answer for her in my best doggie-baby voice that I attribute to her…it generally goes something like “it was good mom, but you know, I’d like more of that peanut butter if you could.”

Finish this sentence. If my dog had a song stuck in his/her head, it would be…

♥ Um, I’d have to go with that line from the Avril Lavigne song “Don’t pretend I think you know I’m damn precious/And hell yeah/I’m the mother fucking princess” because she’s the princess and demands that you treat her as one.

At what point did you realize you weren’t just someone who has a dog, but a dog mom?

♥ I don’t have kids, don’t care to…just dogs.  The more I came to understand a dog, their connection and love for their family, the more I realized how special they are.  Then I started seeing all dogs that way…and seeing the unconditional love they provide.  There was no turning back, I knew I had to try to love them as much as they love me.

What’s one thing you want someone without a dog to know about being a dog mom?

Try to look at them as a child, not just an animal.  Look at them as a loving part of your family and recognize the unconditional love they provide you.  No matter how bad your day, you walk in the door and they’re so genuinely excited to see you.  Once you start recognizing that behavior in them you’re world will be such a happier place.

What’s your favorite dog product?

♥ For Kyra, I’m a big fan of the Kong…I stuff it with some treats, then top it off with peanut butter and it’s a consistently great little treat for her…that thing will last forever.

Now, share a favorite picture of your dog with us. 
















Happy tails…