This is 10

On November 17th, Teton turned 10.


He’s living his best life.

It turns out that November 17th was National Take a Hike Day, which is fitting being that his name is Teton. 😉

Teton’s Auntie Morgan made him a birthday crown and he got extra treats, extra walks, and extra snuggles that day.

He also got a new snack from our local pet food store, Mud Bay.


From the Dogs Love Us brand, these are Dog Love Snapeas in the peas and beef variety.

Made from limited ingredients – peas, brown rice, and dehydrated beef and sunflower oil seasoning – these treats look and feel like your favorite and mine, puffy Cheetos.


I expected Teton to love these, as he is a big fan of Bark Pops, but these aren’t as light and airy and it seems like he doesn’t have as easy a time chewing them, unfortunately.

Dogs Love Snapeas are made from such a short list of ingredients and are very reasonably priced (under $6 a bag) but Teton isn’t a fan so I likely won’t buy them again.

Later this week, we’ll review an old favorite from Blue Buffalo!

Happy tails…