Primal Pork Liver Munchies

Happy Easter!

I hope you’re spending the day with loved ones and enjoying the  beautiful weather. ♥︎

We recently went to Europe (which is why I haven’t blogged in ages) and while we were there, my friend Melissa watched Teton for us. She always takes the most amazing care of him; I never have to worry about what he’s doing or how he is  because I know he’s having a blast!

While Melissa had Teton for us, she made this:

Teton Paw Print

And she made an adorable bracelet for me with Teton’s name on it. You might think you have a good dog sitter and I might be biased, but I think mine is the best. 😉

Last month, our buddies at sent us a new treat to test and now that we’re back I want to tell you about it!

Primal Treats 4

These are Primal’s Pork Liver Munchies freeze-dried treats for both dogs and cats. (I love it when treats can be for both, don’t you?)

This 2-ounce bag ($6.99) is loaded with freeze-dried treats containing just one ingredient – pork liver.

Primal Treats 3

They’re nice and smelly, so Teton loves them and your dog probably will, too. However, they’re definitely not as smelly as some other treats we’ve reviewed, so if you have a sensitivity to ultra-stinky treats, these likely won’t be an issue for you.

Primal Treats 1

I really love that these treats only have one ingredient.


Teton and his little chompers (!) like these treats, but they don’t seem to be his favorite. That is, he doesn’t go quite as nuts when I pull out this bag as he does with other treats. One issue that I have with them is that, because they’re freeze-dried, they stick to his teeth and the roof of his mouth, which bothers him a bit. But, that may not be an issue for your dog. 🙂

As far as freeze-dried treats with limited ingredients go, Primal’s line of goodies is high on the list! Check out their assortment on here.

Primal Treats 5

Happy tails…


ACANA Lamb & Apple Treats + Shirts for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Hello! Where is that waving emoji girl when I need her? That might be my second favorite emoji of all time. 😀

It’s been a hot minute since I blogged. Yikes. Between Thanksgiving, some traveling, and getting sick, I am happy to home for the rest of the year and looking forward to the holidays!


Today I’ve got a new treat to share with you from Check out the ACANA Lamb & Apple Dog Treats.


Oh,  yeah. That bag is open. And we’re about through the darn thing because Teton and his cousin Henley Pretzel have been gettin’ DOWN on these treats.

ACANA’s freeze-dried treats come in a handful of flavors including the one we tried – lamb & apple. I have to say, we got the most tame of the flavors because two of the others are pork & squash and mackerel & greens!


Not many ingredients in these little nibblers. We ♥ that! They’re also made in the U S A. Winning.

In my experience, freeze-dried treats are almost always a favorite for any dog. They are easy to chew and digest (it seems) and they smell super strong and delicious.


These treats are super awesome because they are small (and easily broken to make even smaller pieces) which makes them both great treats on their own but also fun little sprinkles for the top of your dog’s food. (Sometimes we like to treat ourselves with sprinkles in this household.)

ACANA’s line of freeze-dried treats is available here at They’d make a great stocking stuffer for your pup!

Ok, warning. Severe selfies ahead.

One of my favorite things to shop for and review are dog products for humans. You know…shirts, mugs, keychains, art, that type of thing. So, being that Christmas is right around the corner (seriously, people, get your shopping done before it’s too late!) I wanted to share with you a few recent purchases and one gift that may just be perfect for the dog lover in your life.


Exhibit A. This tank from Wags & Weights. Describes my life. Is amazing. The end.

img_8795Exhibit B. This sweatshirt. A birthday gift from my homie (thanks, girl!). Also describes my life. Available here on Etsy.


Exhibit C. This shirt that I clearly needed last weekend when I was visiting my bestie in Arizona. Available here from Farfetched Apparel, along with a zillion other adorable shirts and goodies.

Ok, selfie time has concluded.

I’m off to drink from this, my new favorite mug.


See you next time for some more Christmas gift ideas for that dog lover in your life!

Happy tails…



Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers

Happy New Year!

I didn’t get many dog-themed gifts for Christmas but I did get this gem from my parents:

Ask Me About My Dog

Aside from loving what it says, it’s probably the coziest sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. You can snag it here.

This last month Teton has been testing out a treat that our pals at sent us.

Nature's Variety

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers are very similar to Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis that Teton tested (and loved) and I blogged about in 2014.

These tiny kibble toppers are freeze-dried and boast a fantastic ingredient list including turkey and turkey liver, pumpkin seeds, carrots, apples, butternut squash, salmon oil, and blueberries…just to name a few.

Teton LOVES freeze-dried treats. In fact, I think they may be his favorite of all the treats we’ve tried. They are easily chewed and digested and generally smell stronger than other treats, which I assume must make them tastier to dogs. 😉

Instinct Raw Boost 2

Nature’s Variety Mixers are intended to be added to your dog’s kibble at each meal as an extra source of protein. I’ve found that they make great treats (especially at the vet’s office), as well, if you prefer not to add them to your dog’s food.


Teton approves!

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers come in a variety of flavors in both 6-ounce and 14-ounce bags. Check them all out here.

Happy (New Year) tails…

Disclaimer: Her Dog Blog was sent this product in exchange for our honest review and no compensation other than the product was received. 


Halo Liv-a-Littles + Early Friday Favorites

Hello, and welcome to Thursday evening.

Friday can never come soon enough, can it?

This week Teton has been enjoying some Halo Liv-a-Little treats from He’s had them before and they didn’t last long so we jumped at the chance to try a new flavor!

Halo 1

We selected the wild salmon variety to test but these treats also come in beef and chicken. They are freeze-dried and made up of 100% salmon. That’s it.

Halo 3

I love one-ingredient treats.

Halo 4

Salmon is fantastic for your dog because it is high in omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to support the immune system, joints, skin and coat!

Teton seems to love freeze-dried treats more than your average biscuit. I have a theory that they smell more pungent (in a good way) and are more fun to chew so that’s why he likes them. Who knows if I’m right but if Teton has the option between a dry dog bone and a freeze-dried treat he’ll go with the freeze-dried every time.

Halo 7

Thanks to Chewy for these treats! Don’t forget that they have a huge selection of freeze-dried food and treats if you’re in the market for some new munchies for your dog.

Now, for a few early Friday favorites…

Dogs in Sunglasses

I’m in love with this Dogs in Sunglasses print from Wonderflies. I must have it.


This is my newest (and most amazing) find for Teton’s rank breath. Well, this and raw bones. More to come in a later post but I can’t recommend Wysong’s DentaTreat enough.

Doggie Tops

Loving the tees from Doggie Tops! This is the Finnish Lapphund which has the same fluff-factor as Teton. 🙂

Elena Shumilova

Check out photographer Elena Shumilova’s work here. I can’t get enough of it.

Dinosaur Collar

Gah! I love dinosaurs. If Teton didn’t have a thousand already I’d order him this one from Woof Couture.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy tails…