>Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

>Are you singing the NSync song, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Are you beyond thrilled that I introduced/re-introduced you to this photo?  Be honest…some of you had it on your bedroom wall.  Ah, those were the days.  Who was your favorite NSyncer?  Mine was Chris.  Ha!  Or not.  Was he anyone’s favorite?  

Anyway, Merry Christmas Eve!  

Someone’s pumped…

And here’s why.

Someone is also very spoiled.  

Cost of stocking stuffers for TLB:  Don’t ask. 

Here’s what’s in the mix! 

One Happy Howie’s Jumbo Lamb Sausage,   

One free range beef pizzle stick, one sliced elk antler, two sweet potato chunks,

One Himalayan Dog Chew, 

One five-pack of Merrick Turkey Steak Patties, and two bags of Zuke’s Mini Naturals!

Couldn’t pass up the Zuke’s.  It’s a two-pack! 

Chicken and Peanut Butter!  Mini Naturals are awesome training treats because they’re teeny weeny. 

Someone may have gotten a “sneak peak,” if you will, of his stocking stuffers, but more on that later.

Merry Christmas from TLB!   

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