>Trader Joe’s Chicken Breast Strips

>Good morning!  I took the week off.  Jealous? 

The fam is coming to town for the holidays this week so I have lots of cleaning, cooking, and organizing to do.  Hence, the week of vacation.  Stay tuned later this week for a blog on the goodies in TLB’s stocking

Today we’re reviewing Trader Joe’s Chicken Breast Strips! 

One ingredient:  Dried Chicken Breast Fillet

This 4 oz bag cost $4.99 and it had about 10 of the chicken strips in it.  

Pretty much your standard chicken breast fillet.  Not too much to write home about. 

I love that it only has one ingredient.  And the price isn’t too bad.  I’ve been either giving Teton a whole chicken strip or breaking them in half and giving him one half at a time.  Since they’re harder, it’s a good supplemental teeth-cleaning treat (if your dog takes his/her time, of course).


TLB and I give Trader Joe’s Chicken Breast Strips a five out of 10.  To be honest, they’re kinda boring.  If they were $3.99 a bag, I might up the rating.  We love that they have just one ingredient, but if we had to choose between this treat and another $4.99 chicken-based yummy, we would probably look elsewhere.

I love TJ’s, but I think I’ll stick to pet stores for TLB’s goodies.

Have a good day! 

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