>It’s Never Too Early…

>…for New Year’s resolutions! 

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I am determined to have New Year’s resolutions for 2011.  I’ve never been one to stick to them (or make them, really), but I want 2011 to be a better me year, so I made a little list today.

In 2011 I will strive to:

1.  Be positive!  Specifically, I will look on the bright side, help others to look on the bright side, and not speak ill of other people.  Remember what Thumper said…

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.  

For the record, Bambi is my favorite Disney movie.  What’s yours?

2.  Run in some sort of competitive race.  I don’t care what the length is, I just want to train for it, register for it, run in it, and get a ribbon.  Or medal.  Or t-shirt.  Or certificate.  You get the idea. 

3.  Blog more.  Right now I’m averaging about three posts a week, but I’d like to bump it up to four or five. 

4.  Come up with my own dog treat recipe.

5.  Take TLB for walks twice a day.  Yes, you heard it right.  Twice.  And to not use the rain as an excuse not to!

6.  Work on TLB’s training at least three times a week for a minimum of fifteen minutes each time.    

Speaking of TLB, let’s get on to the review.  

You may remember that TLB got some goodies in his Christmas stocking

I cheated and gave him one of the sweet potato chunks on Christmas Eve. 

These bad boys were only $0.75 each!  Unfortunately, I don’t know who, specifically, makes these sweet potatoes, because I plucked them from a little basket in an all-natural pet food store. 

One ingredient, people. 

Sweet potato.  Oh, yes. 

We discovered sweet potato when Teton was a little man.  It’s great for dogs as a rawhide alternative.  Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and beta carotene, and when they are dehydrated like these treats were, they’re a great, tough chew for dogs!  

Click on these pictures for links to our two favorite sweet potato dog treat companies!

In general, sweet potato chews can be a bit spendy, so it’s pretty cool that we found these little buggers for so cheap!  They were nice and hard so it took TLB somewhere in the range of seven to 10 minutes to eat one. 

My only only thumbs down for this particular style of sweet potato chunk is that it’s a tad too small.  Dogs who tend to get overly excited about new treats and gulp them down without a second thought may need extra supervision when consuming this particular style of sweet potato treat.

We love this treat, but because of the size issue, we give it a six out of 10.  If you haven’t already introduced your dog to sweet potatoes, do!  They’re a great alternative to rawhide and offer tons of great benefits.  

Have a wonderful night!     

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