Life Lately

Long time no blog! I’ve missed you. 🙂

Teton missed you, too.

Look at that wimpy tail. Every once and a while his fur gets super matted and I have to brush it out. Sometimes that results in less-than-luscious-locks for a while. Sad face.

T has been doing a trial run at  local doggie daycare. He isn’t sure he likes it yet, but his best pal Biju goes with him so at least he can count on having good play buddy there.

Biju’s mom has mad photo editing skills. She can work wonders with a grainy webcam shot.

We’re pretty sure that B & T play during the day, but every time we look at them this is pretty much what they’re doing. Teton stands in the middle of the room and looks around while Biju paces back and forth.

Key words = trial run

Anyhoo, Teton is usually pretty wiped after doggie daycare.

We have a really strict no-front-seat rule in the car. (Right.)

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in two days?! Hope you have a great one!

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