Growing Up Sucks

Are you up to speed on the recent parvo outbreak?

Read this for some of the basics on parvo and then check in with your vet right away to make sure your dog is vaccinated. Vaccination is the best prevention but it’s certainly not a bad idea to steer clear of areas with a high volume of dogs passing through (i.e. dog parks, doggie daycare) at least for a little while.

Now, on a lighter note, my sister sent me this photo a few weeks ago and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post it.


If you’re lucky enough to have photos of your dog when he/she was a puppy, treat yourself to an instant mood booster and look at them!

Here is one of my favorites of Teton when he was a little scamp.

Mood = boosted

Have a fantastic Friday and and even better weekend!

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