Dog Speak

Last weekend we had two house guests.

Biju and Kyra! Biju is the bigger one., but Kyra runs the show.  This is Teton’s usual spot in the house but B & K obviously felt that he needed a break from his guarding duties.

Guarding didn’t last long.

Three dogs may seem like a lot, but T, B, & K get along so well that it was really great having them over.  With all the playing that went on during the day, nights were calm and quiet.

The hus and I had to sleep on the floor, but no big deal.

This is the first time I’ve ever watched B & K but I realized today that one of the perks is the sweet thank you goodies I get from their Dog Mom.  I used to think she was a crazier Dog Mom than I am, but I guess I shouldn’t be talking since I’m posting this on my blog about dogs.

Along with a bag of treats for Teton (from B & K, of course), I got an awesome sticker and this thank you card:

I’d never even heard of the company that makes this (and many other) cards – Dog Speak – until today.

This card is pretty stinkin’ cute, too:

So, even though I would have watched Biju and Kyra for nothing, it was pretty nice of their mom to thank me with some goodies that she knew I would love.  😀

Look at those teeth…

In other news, anyone ever seen the Ruff Dawg Peanut?  Whether you have or haven’t, meet me back here on Thursday for a full review of this unique chew toy.

Have a relaxing night!

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