>Do I sense a bit of jealousy?

>Anyone else stoked that it’s only Saturday?!?!  How was your Thanksgiving? 

I have a lot to be thankful for!  

Teton, however, does not. 

Houston, we have house guests. 

These two little fur balls are really quite easy to puppy sit for.  TLB is just a little jealous that mommy and daddy are suddenly paying attention to someone besides him.

Let’s meet the ladies! 

This is Little Miss Gracie Rose.  You may remember her from the post on Bacon Forever’s dog treats.  Gracie Rose just wants to be loved.  See this?  This is her love me face.  She gets so excited when you pet her that she wiggles and shakes all over the place.  

TLB and GR have a relationship not unlike that of a couple of second graders.  They chase each other around and bite each others necks but it’s all just for show.  They really have quite meaningful feelings for one another.   

This, ladies and gents, is Kali.

Kali’s working nights at the local bar to save up for some orthodontia.

She’s a sweetie.  Sometimes when TLB is biting her sister’s neck she gets a little fired up and “attacks” Teton.  It’s pretty cute.  Kali is the most food-obsessed dog I’ve ever met.  She never left our side on Thanksgiving when we were prepping food…you know, just in case we accidentally dropped something.

The five of us (myself, the main squeeze, TLB, G, and K) have pretty much been lounging around all (extended) weekend.  

G and K’s mom brought us some Wet Noses Pumpkin treats to try so check back tomorrow for a treat review!  

Have a relaxing Saturday evening!!!

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