Does your dog have multiple collars?

This guy does.

Teton 2

Ok, so that’s a harness, but he really does have a lot of collars. Too bad you can never see them with all that hair.

Before I get into collars, I really should mention that the harness Teton is wearing in the photo above is the best harness on the market. Period. It’s the Premier Easy Walk Harness and it is a brilliant product. It’s changed the way we walk and I’ll never take The Little Blogger out without it again. I promise to post a full review of it at some point. I’ve slacked because it’s really hard to get good photos of Teton with collars, harnesses, etc. because he has so much dark, thick hair.  If you have any issues walking your dog currently (pulling, stopping constantly, refusing to walk) try this harness. It’s incredible.

When Teton isn’t wearing his Easy Walk Harness you can find him in either his Spiffy Dog Air Collar

Spiffy Dog Air Collar

or his Buckle-Down Death or Glory collar.

Buckle Down Dog Collar

When I’m at pet stores, I always check out the collar section. You never know when you might find a fun print that you (I mean, your dog) can’t live without. Here are a few cool designs I’ve had my eye on.

Good Dog Collar

“Good Dog” Dog Collar available at Sundance

Mustache Collar

Mustache Dog Collar from Dogologie Designs

Star Wars Collar

Star Wars Dog Collar from Funky Mutt

Little Stinker Collar

Little Stinker Dog Collar from You Had Me At Woof

Bad to the Bone Collar

Or the more manly Bad to the Bone Dog Collar, also from You Had Me At Woof

Mustache Collar #2

Another mustache option – Mustache Dog Collar available at Muttropolis

Batman Collar

Bat Signal Dog Collar available at Belts Direct

Silly Buddy Collar

Sew Retro Dog Collar from Silly Buddy

Silly Buddy made Teton’s custom collar/bow tie for our wedding and it is adorable.


Hmmm. Just realized that most of these collars are very boy dog specific. Next week I’ll find some collars for those sassy lady dogs!

Have a wonderful evening!

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