Furry iBalls

Teton doesn’t much care for playing fetch.

He’d much rather bury himself in blankets on the couch and/or rub his stank all over furniture that doesn’t quite smell enough like him yet.

Case in point, this photo.

Teton on Couch

You’d think that I would just accept that fact that he doesn’t like playing fetch and stop buying him toys to, well, fetch. But, I mean, come on! When faced with the decision of whether or not to spend $9.99 on a toy that he might fetch, well, that’s an easy one. Buy it, Shannon. Always buy it.

And sometimes…sometimes he actually likes what I buy him and plays fetch with it on occasion. This is the case with his newest toy, the Silly Squeakers Furry iBall.


Hilarious, right? I opted for this guy because he was the friendliest of the three iBalls.


Ok, so the pink iBall is pretty friendly looking, but isn’t she just a little too friendly if you know what I’m saying? For a second I thought about buying the 3-pack of the smaller iBalls but they seemed a little too small for Teton.

The Little Blogger’s new iBall cost $9.99. Would I have liked it to be $7.99? Sure. But anything that’s $10 or under is usually fine by me.


I like the iBalls line because at their core, they are quite durable but also have that added element of faux fur, which, for Teton is crucial. He’ll always choose a floppy, fluffy toy over one that is primarily for chewing and made of hard plastic or rubber.

I’ll be the first to admit that Teton does not often destroy toys, so if you know of a dog that is a little more rough with their toys and you get them an iBall, let me know how it holds up!

All in all, this toy is great for Teton because he will either play fetch with me with it or self-entertain and play fetch with himself with it. Yes, sir. He literally throws the ball up in the air for himself, catches it, and repeats. Pretty darn cute.

Silly Squeakers has some other, ahem, interesting toys in their line.

Mini Poo

So wrong. So, so wrong.

You’re welcome.

3 thoughts on “Furry iBalls

  1. The poo is hilarious! I love the iball it kind of looks like a furby for dogs! Marley is terrible with toys they last literally 2 minutes so I tend to just stick with tennis balls, he too is not great at fetch, he loves to go fetch but then won’t give it back which isn’t much fun for me! And that photo, what a handsome face!!!!

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