Doggy Language

Check these out!

Aren’t these awesome shirt designs?  They’re from Roll Over Rover and I’m in love with both of them!

There are a lot of cool Dog Mom and Dad shirts/sweatshirts out there.

A few of my other favorite shirts come from Barkology

…and Dog is Good.

I love that there are companies out there that have embraced the idea of outfitting Dog Moms and Dads in clever, fun, attractive, and meaningful designs.

Speaking of Dog Moms and Dads, all y’all might want to check this article about dog body language and how it relates to caretaker recognition from The New York Times.

I know, I know.  It’s from 2007!  But, I honestly didn’t know about it until the other day when my sister e-mailed me a link from Mental Floss that referenced the original NY Times article.

Anyhoo, it’s a quick and interesting read and I’m guessing that after reading it, you’ll start to notice your dog’s body language when he or she sees you after a long day of work.

I won’t be blogging tomorrow evening, but I’ll see you later this week!

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