Bargain Buys

Hi there!

I think I’m getting the sickies.  It’s going around.  Pound that Emergen-C, people!  Currently I am drinking the Pink Lemonade variety, but I wish I had a box of the Tropical flavor.  Sooooooo much tastier.

Someone got a few new treats.

This guy!

The booty: One box of Zuke’s Mini Bakes in Chicken ‘n Cherryz, one bag of Dogswell Breathies, and one bag of Dogswell Vitality

Grand total: $13

I about squealed out loud when I found these bad boys at the Teeje for just $3.99 a bag.  They’re normally $8.99!

Don’t worry – they don’t expire until 2012.

That being said, you should be wary of purchasing pet products from places like TJ Maxx and Ross.  You can definitely find some good buys (especially on things like dog beds), but make sure you look for packaging damage and expiration dates that aren’t right around the corner.

More to come on these bargain treats!

Off to get some rest and fight off these cold germs.


What’s the best dog product bargain you’ve ever come across?

Mine was a dog bed from Marshalls.  It was the perfect size for under my desk at work (Teton used to come with me to the office every day), had a removable cover that could be machine-washed, was cute, and only cost $12.  Most good-quality dog beds are $40 and up!     

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