Fred the Buffalo

Top o’ the evenin’ to ya!  Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Teton had the opportunity to product test a toy today.

West Paw Designs’ Fred the buffalo!

West Paw Design makes everything from dog beds to dog jackets.

Fred the buffalo is a plush toy with half-fuzzy, half-smooth material and a squeaker.  He’s from Montana.

See?  Smooth and fuzzy – best of both worlds.

Teton, however, was more fixated on Fred’s tail.

Oh, yes.  Pure leather.  Tasty!

We played a couple rounds of “Where’s your new toy?”  “Go get your new toy!”  “Good boy!!!!!” and then TLB plopped right down on the floor and starting chompin’ away.

Who knew that little piece of leather could be so much fun?


Price – $16.50 makes me cringe a bit.  I would not have paid that for this toy.  It seems pretty durable, but there isn’t much to it that would make it worth more than say, $12.

Quality – This toy is made of seemingly durable material.  It’s eco-friendly (as are all West Paw Design toys and accessories), and made in Montana!

Benefits – Fred makes for a good fetch and chew toy.

Ingredients/Features – I’m not sure what type of material Fred is made of (it doesn’t say on his tag or on the West Paw Design website) but it seems pretty deece.  Fred also has a squeaker in his tummy, which is an added bonus.

T-Factor – TLB likes Fred.  For a dog like Teton, Fred is perfect because he’s small (11 inches) but not too small.  Sometimes those bigger stuffed toys (like the spider) are too hard to fetch with because they get in the way of running to your Dog Mom or Dad.

We’re going to give West Paw Designs’ Fred a score of five out of 10.  We love that Fred is eco-friendly and durable, but his price tag is a bit high and at the end of the day he’s just another plush squeaky toy with not a whole lot to offer.  Sorry, Fred!

Check out all of West Paw Designs’ other products on their website.  Good stuff!


Do you name your dog’s favorite toys?

Of course! One of Teton’s best pals is his giant orange gorilla named Tang!

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