>Some Tweaking…


It’s us.  The Little Blogger and Her Dog Blogger. 

We’ve been doing some housekeeping on the blog. 

First, a super cool header is in the works.  No ETA yet.  But it’s a-comin’.

And second, I’ve come up with a new way to rate products that I think will be more effective, efficient, and fun.  

Products will be divided into eight categories.

1.  Food – This will include food that is considered a daily diet item such as Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural dog food.

2.  Treat – This will include supplemental treats intended as periodic goodies for your furry friend or for use in training. 

3.  Chew – This category will encompass longer lasting treats that are intended for chewing purposes.

4.  Dental – This will include supplemental treats whose main purpose is to provide oral hygiene  such as Blue Buffalo’s Blue Bones.

5.  Toy – This will include any toy meant for entertainment or physical/mental stimulation purposes.

6.  Essential – This category will include any item that is considered an essential for a dog owner such as a leash or shampoo.

7.  For The Home –  This will include any item that is related to your dog but that directly influences the home atmosphere such as a feeding station or kennel.

8.  Dog Moms and Dads –  This category will include any item that is specifically for you Dog Moms and Dads such as a t-shirt or piece of jewelry.

Whaddya’ think?  Did I miss anything?

Once an item has been identified as belonging to one of these categories, it will be rated on the following five elements.

1.  Price – Whether an item scores well in this area will depend on the category of item we’re dealing with.  That is, an essential item such as a collar will likely cost more than a supplemental training treat.

2.  Quality  – This will have to do with how well a product is made and what sort of longevity it has.

3.  Benefits – For example, a dental chew will likely have all sorts of hygiene benefits whereas a toy may have mental stimulation benefits.

4.  Ingredients/Features – If it’s a food or treat item, ingredients will be considered.  If it’s a toy, essential, or other item, it’s features and materials will be under the microscope.  

5.  T-Factor – This element will encompass what TLB’s reaction is to the item that is being reviewed.

And for extra points…

6.  Uniqueness/Fun – This element will exist for those special items that really knock our socks off.  For example, if an item is made from completely recycled materials, it’ll get extra points in this category.  

I know it’s  a lot to take it right now, but I think that categorizing a product and rating it based on the five (sometimes six) elements that I’ve listed above will make the reviews more fun to read and help you better select items for your pet(s).  

Look for the new layout in Thursday’s review!  

Have a great night!

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