Zippy Paws Interactive Dog Toy

Hi. It’s me, Henley Pretzel. Your favorite chihuazer.

You might not know, but stuffed dog toys are MY JAM. Even when my parents got me from the rescue, they were told that I like stuffed animals the best. I could care less about a tennis ball, but give me a stuffed raccoon and I am yours forever.

My mom made a recent trip to Mud Bay, our local pet store, to purchase me some freeze dried chicken. Chicken is also my jam. My mom buys this chicken. In any event, while she was buying the chicken, she also made the best impulse purchase ever and hooked me up with Zippy Paws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy, Elephant Cave version. You can find it on here


The elephant cave is a small, fuzzy, and plush little dome-shaped toy with two holes in it. Inside the holes are three small stuffed elephants. Your parent shoves the stuffed elephants in the holes and then you have to try to get them out.


My mom made me dinner and then set to work taking the tags off the elephant cave, so I could play with it after dinner. I was so excited to play with it, though, that I sat and ignored my dinner until she prepared the elephant cave for me.

You guys. The elephant cave is THE BEST. I grabbed it right away and threw it across the room, chased it down, and shook it. Then my mom showed me the elephants inside and I grabbed those and played with them, too. She showed me how to get the elephants out of the cave and I can do it if she starts to pull the elephant out of the hole, but I’m still working on doing it all by myself. Also, if you shake the elephant cave REALLY hard, sometimes the elephants fly out. I had so much fun with the elephant cave that I brought it to bed with me that night.


The elephants are pretty small and seem slightly less durable than the cave itself. I might chew some of the elephant ears and trunk, but I see that you can buy replacement elephants online, so no worries there. I could also put some of my other toys in there if I run out of elephants.


Turns out Zippy Paws makes a TON of these kinds of toys, including a stuffed block of cheese with mice inside! My mom ordered that one for me, too. If your dog loves stuffed toys and could benefit from the challenge of a puzzle, Zippy Paws might be for you. 


BTW, Zippy Paws and Mud Bay have no idea who we are. My mom spent her own hard-earned money on this dog toy. AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Happy tails…

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