Merrick Real Cuts Jerky Strips

What dog doesn’t love jerky?

Teton is a big fan. So, when our friends at asked if we’d like to review Merrick’s Real Cuts Jerky Strips, of course I said yes.


I’ve purchased Merrick treats for Teton since he was a puppy because I like that they are made in the USA of high quality ingredients.

These are some of Teton’s favorites that we typically have in the house.

Merrick Canned Food

Grammy’s Pot Pie Canned Food and Cowboy Cookout Canned Food

Merrick Chews

Jr. Texas Taffy and Turkey Steak Patties

Real Cuts Jerky Strips are very similar to both the Texas Taffy and the Turkey Patties.

Merrick Real Cuts Front & Back

A 2.5 oz bag will run you $5.99 and you can choose between three flavors – beef, chicken, or beef liver.


While they look like they might be a softer jerky treat, they are actually pretty hard.

Merrick Real Cuts Sizing

However, I had no problem snapping them in half so they could certainly be given in smaller pieces as well as in an entire strip.

Merrick Real Cuts Jerky Strips have only a handful of ingredients in them. We tested the beef flavor and it’s made with beef, rye flour, and salt. Boom!

Other cool things about these Jerky Strips? They’re corn-free, wheat-free, soy-free, and rawhide-free. So, if your dog has allergies this may be a good option for them.


Check out’s entire Merrick assortment by clicking here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a hungry puppy who needs feedin’!

Happy tails…

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