Frisco Dog Poop Bags

Happy Wednesday!

Tomorrow is September 1st. I’m torn between having to wear pants again but also wearing leggings and sweaters with Uggs. Hashtag basic. I know.

Last week was National Dog Day. Teton and I drove through Starbucks to get a little whipped cream.

National Dog Day

Which made his morning, obviously. 😉

Anywhats, we’re not here to talk about Starbucks or National Dog Day. We’re here to talk about poop.

Frisco Chewy

A few weeks ago, Chewy sent me a ginormous box of Frisco Refill Dog Poop Bags to test out. And when I say ginormous, I mean GINORMOUS. I think we got a lifetime supply of poop bags.

Frisco Bags 2

Here’s the deal. Poop bags aren’t a glamorous dog product, but they are 100% necessary for all you Dog Moms and Dog Dads out there. And, before you ask, no, not all poop bags are created alike! I’ve had bags break whilst picking up a steaming hot pile of doodie, bags that smelled worse that the doodie itself, and bag dispensers that I could barely get the poop bags out of!

The box we received from Chewy has 2 dispensers and 900, yes, you read that right, NINE HUNDRED poop bags in it. Score.

Frisco Bags 3

I love this type of dispenser because you can attach and detach it easily to move it from leash to bag to backpack, depending on where you need to keep it handy. It’s also designed so that the bags are very easy to pull out.

We got the scented version of these poop bags and the scent isn’t very strong, but because of that, it’s also not at all off-putting.

You might be wondering how much 900 poop bags will cost you. Well, I’m here to tell you…they are cheap. Yep. $14.97 for the entire box which even includes the two dispensers. I’m thinking these bags will last us a long time.

If you’re in need of more poop bags…and really, who isn’t (aside from me at this very moment), head over to Chewy and snag a box of these.

Head back over this way later in the week for a review of some new treats from Caru, complete with photos of Teton chewing.



Earth Rated Poop Bags + Giveaway

*This giveaway is now closed.*

Happy Friday! 😀

I love and appreciate all the samples I get to review but sometimes the non-food products are the most interesting since I don’t get them that often. The product I’m most excited about lately are Earth Rated poop bags. (Yes, I am excited about poop bags.)


Earth Rated sold me first on their presentation. What’s not to love about a care package that has a bandana for Teton right on top?! And as if that weren’t enough…


…how about a notebook, sticky notes, pen, stickers, and a button to accompany the bag dispenser and bags themselves?

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I give a rip about poop bags?” or “Won’t my old Safeway bags do?” or maybe “Aren’t all poop bags created equal?” I’ve asked myself those same questions.

I don’t blame you if you don’t give a rip about poop bags. They’re a necessarily evil. I don’t love spending money on them anymore than the rest of the population, but I refuse to be the schmuck in my neighborhood or at the dog park who doesn’t pick up after their dog. Sure, your old Safeway bags will do the trick, but aren’t you transitioning to reusable grocery bags and quickly depleting your pile of old plastic bags? Hint hint hint. 😉

All poop bags are not created equal. Most bags on the market are made of plastic and have a less than desirable impact on the environment. Also, if you’ve tried a variety of bags you know that some are made of cheap, thin material that breaks easily or even has holes in it prior to using. I’ll spare you the nasty details on that.


Earth Rated offers a variety of bags including scented refill roles, handle bags, and my favorite – plastic-free refill rolls.

Here’s the best part about the plastic-free refill rolls: they’re compostable!!! Since they are vegetable-based, instead of tossing them in your garbage can you can compost them or chuck them in your yard waste. And, if you’re wondering, the fact that they are vegetable-based doesn’t mean they’re any less durable than their plastic counterparts.


I’ve tried three or four different bag dispensers and this is one of my favorites. It’s easy to use and adjust (the velcro strap makes it easy to move from the leash to your belt to a backpack, etc.) and the bags are secure inside but easy to rip off before use. It’s not as bulky as some other dispensers, which is great if you don’t want something swinging around on the leash or getting in the way of the leash handle.

My husband and I have been using our Earth Rated dispenser and bags for a few weeks now. I’m happy to report there hasn’t been a single tear in any of our bags, our nostril hairs haven’t burned off from the poo smell since the bags are nice and thick, and we’re feeling good about ourselves for helping the environment one bag at a time. 🙂

Would you like some Earth Rated bags of your own? Duh. Why wouldn’t you?

The kind and generous folks at Earth Rated have offered to send one Her Dog Blog reader (in the U.S. or Canada) their very own dispenser and refill pack plus some other goodies. You’ll have three ways to enter…

1. “Like” Earth Rated and Her Dog Blog on Facebook

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3. Leave a comment below telling me one way that you’re more environmentally conscious.

Make sure you leave a comment telling me which way you entered the giveaway and if you chose more than one option you’ll get an entry for each!

I’ll randomly select a winner next Friday, May 8th, at which time the giveaway will close.

Happy tails!