Our Favorite Dog Products

Himalayan Dog Chew (Check out my review of Himalayan Dog Chews here)

DIY Yam Chews (Ok, so it’s not a product technically but they still rock)

Raw Bones (there are many brands, but we like Nature’s Variety)

Bully Sticks (we like the selection from Best Bully Sticks)

Red Dingo

Our Favorite Blogs

Dog Milk


Cowbelly Pet Photography

The Daily Coyote

City Dog Magazine


9 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi Shannon,
    I have a dog blog – – that I’d really like you to check out. I’m trying to get some advice from more experienced dog bloggers and I would appreciate it if you could look over it and give me some tips. Also, I’d love to write a guest post for your blog if you are open to the idea.

  2. Hi I love your blog!

    Would you featured our store in your blog link?

    We custom made pet pillow for pet owners with their own pet’s picture on it. Every piece of pillow is handmade by us and uniquely created for pet pillow.

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