Things I Like A Lot

Hi, all!

Here are some of my recent finds. Enjoy!


These shoes. Must.Purchase.Now.

Art by Manda Custom Dog Portrait

These custom portraits by Manda’s Art Studio.

Natural Life Dog Chip Clips

Dog Chip Clips from Natural Life

Wake Up, Hug Dog Shirt

Loving this slouchy sweatshirt from Little Atoms Clothing.


This great sign that I can’t seem to find anywhere online. Darn it.

Chatham Dog House

The Chatham Dog House from Pottery Barn, which is on sale now.

Life Is Better With A Dog

This (along with all the other) shirt(s) from Animal Hearted Apparel.

So many sites to shop, so little time.

Happy tails…

Weekend Pinterest-ing

Hello, Sunday! I’m sad you’re almost over. 😦

I’ve been quite the sporadic little blogger lately, haven’t I? Life is kind of insane right now but hopefully things will be more relaxed in a few weeks. Until then I’ll just keep on keepin’ on.

Here are a few of my latest Pinterest and Esty finds!

Sleeping with Dogs

Dog owners understand. 😀


Skull & Crossbones Bow Tie

This new pattern from Silly Buddy is to die for. Ha. Get it? To die for?!

Man's Best Friend

I love this poster from Little Low Studio’s shop on Etsy!

DIY Treats

I need to give these DIY treats from 17 Apart a try. I wonder if humans can eat them, too? 😉


Sigh. Dogs are the best.


Love Keychain

Ahhhhhh! So cute. These adorable little keychains are from Trendy Tz’s Etsy shop.

Jack Russell

Um, what?! This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I think I need this Jack Russell pendant from Stick Man Jewelry.

Yellow Dog Project

I love the Yellow Dog Project. Read more about it here.

Happy tails…

Pretty Sure I Need These

Happy Saturday!

Had to share a few of my latest Etsy finds. Enjoy!

Dog Keychain

I’m in love with this key chain from Convertible Girl Shop.

Woof Welcome Mat

This welcome mat makes me smile. It’s from Designs by Bry.

Indoor Camper Doghouse

Ahhhhmazing. Too bad I’m not rich. This incredible dog house is from Strictly for the Birds.

Fox Terrier Necklace

You know I’m a sucker for dog-themed jewelry. So, of course I love this necklace from Chloe’s Window.

French Bulldog Tank Top

A French Bulldog wearing spectacles. Yeah, I said spectacles. This $18 tank is from Couth Clothing.

You + Me + The Dog

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s not too late to order this adorable card from Gift Designs.

I Dig You

Squeal. Too cute. Loving this card from Doggy Design.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Happy tails…

Dogs + Football

I’m not really that into football.

This Is Me


I’m also not really into dressing Teton up in anything other than a bandana.

My husband likes loves football. The Broncos are his favorite team but he’s also a Hawks fan.

Today has the potential to be a pretty stressful day.

Depending on who plays in the Superbowl this year, I think that, even though I’m not big on dressing Teton up, I’ll be buying some doggie football threads.

These jerseys are from Accessorize My Dog.

Broncos Jersey

Seahawks Jersey

If that’s too much for you, though, Accessorize My Dog also sells NFL collars and leashes.

Broncos Collar

Seahawks Leash

Here’s to a win for both the Broncos and the Seahawks today!

Happy tails…

Sunny Side Design Rescue Me Bracelet

Hello! Happy Hump Day! Can it be Friday already?

So, you know that I love dog-themed jewelry. I’ve blogged about it a few times and shown you some of my favorite Pinterest and Etsy finds.

Being that I love dog-themed jewelry, I was thrilled when I heard about Sunny Side Design and even more thrilled when Angel, the creative mind behind Sunny Side Design, offered to send me my very own custom Rescue Me Charm Bracelet.

Sunny Side Design #1

The Rescue Me Charm Bracelet is a delicate sterling silver bracelet that’s totally customizable. When you order the bracelet, you get four charms of your choosing.

The first, and, in my opinion, most adorable charm, is the “rescued by” dog tag.

Sunny Side Design $6

It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

In addition to the “rescued by” dog tag, you can choose one 1/2″ charm of either a dog or cat (#s 6 and 7 below).

Sunny Side Design Charms

(Or, if you’re like me, you can march to the beat of your own drum and opt not to get a 1/2″ charm…)

And then, also included in your purchase are two 3/8″ charms of your choosing (#s 1-5 above and 8 and 9 below).

Sunny Side Designs Additional Charms

I have a weird hang up about wearing dog-themed jewelry with dogs that don’t look like Teton, so that’s why I opted not to get the 1/2″ dog charm. Instead I chose the paw print, heart, and bone.

Sunny Side Design $6 - Copy

I couldn’t be happier with my Rescue Me Charm Bracelet. I love that it’s light and delicate but unique and subtle. It’s the type of thing you can wear every day and a great conversation piece.

Sunny Side Design also offers a Rescue Me Charm Necklace that’s just as awesome as the bracelet. Bracelet…necklace…whatever floats your boat! They’re both made with great care and of quality materials by someone who loves her dog as much as you love yours. Bonus? A portion of the proceeds from Sunny Side Design purchases is donated to animal rescue organizations. Love that.

Thank you to Angel at Sunny Side Design for my beautiful bracelet! Head on over to her Etsy shop and Facebook page and give ’em some love.

Sunny Side Design on Etsy

Sunny Side Design on Facebook

Happy tails…

Brat & Suzie

Hi, y’all!

Shannon & Teton

Long time no blog. I’ve missed you.

In honor of my return, here are some goodies I found recently for you dog lovers out there.

Brat & Suzie Swing Dog Sweat Top

Swing Dog Sweat Top from Brat & Suzie

I don’t know how I could have missed Brat & Suzie. This brand is adorable and I must have every item in their line.

You can imagine my heartbreak when I found out that they are based out of London. But, after some sleuthin’ I found out that Asos carries a few of their tops. Too bad they don’t have my favorite, the Hippy Dog Burnout Tee.

Brat & Suzie Hippy Dog Tee

I mean! Do you see this thing?!?!

And, I know it’s not a dog, but…but…

Brat & Suzie Donkey Sweater

It’s a donkey! In rain boots! With an umbrella!

Ok, so enough of that adorableness and on to some more fun little items.

Check out this sweet necklace that I’ve been eying for the last few days.

Dog Lover Necklace 2

Dog Lover Necklace from A Charmed Impression

This petite little gem comes in either gold or silver and you can have it engraved or just with the paw print.

Dog Lover Necklace 1

I love it both ways but almost lean toward the non-engraved. Isn’t it the cutest?

Another thing I’ve had my eye on for a while is this treat jar from

Ore Pet Ceramic Treat Jar

Ore Pet Ceramic My Pet Likes Treats Treat Jar from Chewy

Well, that’ll do it for tonight. I’m off to walk the pup!

Happy tails…

Labor Day and Star Wars


At the Beach

How was your Labor Day weekend? After enjoying the sun all weekend we went for a nice, long walk to the beach on Monday morning.

We rounded out the day by gettin’ down on some ribs at my parent’s house.

Labor Day

Teton supervised. He received none percent of said ribs. 🙂

I’m not ready for summer to be over. It’s still sunny and warm ’round these parts and I am just fine with that! Teton, on the other hand, has definitely been feeling the heat.

Teton's Tongue

Does anyone else have a dog who sleeps with their tongue out? It’s ridiculous! I used to make fun of Teton (ok, who am I kidding – I still do) for always having his tongue out but then I read somewhere that dogs do that to help regulate their body temperature. Not so dumb after all.

He sure looks special.

Here’s another great shot of him being special.

Teton Sleeping

You’re welcome.

Last weekend I stopped by Petco to pick up Teton’s food and as I turned the corner to walk toward the food aisle I saw this…

Yoda Toy

And the skies opened and the stars aligned and trumpets rang out in jubilation.

That, my friends, is a stuffed Yoda toy.

Oh, wait. There’s more.


Petco has launched an entire line of Star Wars toys, clothes, and beds(!) for dogs and cats.

If you’re looking for a fun costume for your dog this Halloween, check out the Chewbacca Dog Hoodie, the Boba Fett Dog Hoodie, or the Yoda Dog Hoodie. Cute, well-priced, and not bulky and awkward like so many doggie Halloween costumes.

I didn’t buy anything for Teton but he may get that stuffed Yoda at some point. It’s just too cool to pass up.

Happy tails…

More Gifts for Dog Lovers

Hi. Happy Thursday. 🙂

Here are some of my most recent dog-lover goodies. Any one would be perfect for that dog-lover in your life. Heck, they’d be perfect for you if you’ve been especially good lately and deserve a treat.

Dog is Good Promise Tee View 1

Dog is Good Promise Tee View 2

Dog is Good Promise to My Dog tee

Dog is Good Cannot Live Tee

Dog is Good I Cannot Live Without My Dog tee

You Are My Sunshine Dog Frame

The Polka Dot Dog Company’s You Are My Sunshine frame

Dog Definition Frame

The Polka Dot Dog Company’s Dog Definition frame

Paw Print Muffin Pan

Paw Print Muffin Pan

What Dog Hair Necklace

Wild Moon Design’s What Dog Hair necklace

Please Pick Up Bowl

Threadless’ Please Pick Up After Your Pets bowl

Have a great weekend!

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Christmas is just 9 days away and if you’re stumped on what to get the dog-lover in your life, here are a few fun ideas!

Greetings Sign

Greetings Porch Sign from Stacey Lamothe Art

The Pocket 2.0

The Pocket 2.0 – Treat and Training Pouch from Cody’s Creations

Fire Hydrant Bookends

Fire Hydrant Bookends from KnobCreek Metal Arts

Moleskin Dog Journal

Moleskin Passions Dog Journal from Moleskin

Kiss Necklace

I Kiss My Dog Charm Necklace from Trudy James

(For more jewelry options click here.)

Dog Winks

My Dog Winks at Me Sign from The Country Workshop

Vintage Food Container

Vintage Food Storage Container from Pottery Barn

Canvas Tote Bag

Amish Handsewn Tote Bag from Orvis

Love Me Love My Dog Journal

Love Me, Love My Dog Journal from FuzzyMug

Dog Tree Shirt

Dog + Tree Shirt from Freaky Dog People

(For more clothing options click here.)

Dog People iPhone Case

Dog People iPhone Case from Society6

Cooler Sign

My Dog is Cooler Than Your Dog Sign from LuciusArt

Dog Cozy Wrap

Cozy to Go Coffee Wrap from 24Paws

Mr. Puddingstone

Mr. Puddingstone Pillow from Dog is Good

Dogs Never Lie

Dogs Never Lie About Love Bracelet from Prairie Thistle Jewelry

Felt Tote Bag

Felt Tote Bag from Wags and Wiggles

A Boy and his Dog Stencil

A Boy and His Dog Coffee Stencil from CosmicEmotions

(How freaking cool is that?!)

Now, get shopping! 😉