My Dog

Have you been told that you are mildly anal retentive?

Do you keep an organizer (either electronic, physical, or both) that you write in on a daily basis and carry around with you everywhere?

No?  Me neither.

But, I’ve got this friend who does.  😉  I think she’d love the My Dog app for iPhone!

This app is part pet-organizer, part dog-business directory.  The cost?  Zero dollars and zero cents.

When you open the My Dog app, the first thing to pop up is the Directory.

Here’s where you can search for dog-related businesses and services in your area or in an area that you’re traveling to.

I recently took a vacation to Arizona, so for fun I plugged AZ into the state search box.  Teton didn’t come to AZ with me.  He would have melted.

The more information you enter, the more narrow your search results will be.

Bam!  Options, options, options!  How ’bout Dog Walkers & Sitters?

Let’s check out the Arizona Pet Nanny…

After researching and meeting with your preferred Dog Walker/Sitter company, you can easily add it to your Favorites by simply clicking the Add to Favorites button.

There she be!

One of the features I was pleasantly surprised with was the Travel section.

I love being able to travel with The Little Blogger, so this is a great way for me to get quick information on whether pets are allowed and what fees might exist.

I’ve never traveled anywhere by train so I thought it might be cool to check out Amtrak’s pet policy.

Rather than having to search all over Amtrak’s site for their pet policy, My Dog links right to their Pet Travel Web Page.

Boo.  Only service animals are permitted on Amtrak.  Oh, well.  At least I  know for the future!

The coolest part of the My Dog app for iPhone is the My Dogs section.  This is my anal retentive friend’s favorite part of the app.  😉

The initial My Dogs screen takes you to a quick and dirty view of what’s going on with your pooch.  How old is he/she?  What breed?  Are they currently on medication?

Click on your dog’s name and you’re taken to a much more robust screen.

To enter and/or view specifics, click on a subject.

(This screen scrolls down to include a place to enter your dog’s city license number.)

You can enter as much or a little as you want in each section.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have Teton’s microchip number memorized.  If he were to get lost, I would imagine that knowing that number in a pinch would be helpful.  (Of course, I recommend locking your phone with a password so that if it were to ever become lost no one would be able to obtain your personal information.)

The last feature of this app is the More section.  Here you can find a list of organizations that have something to do with dogs and pets.

There you have it!  It’s a pretty hearty app, but you can use it as much or as little as you like.  It’s the first app I’ve found that allows me to store Teton’s information in a clear, quick, and efficient way and it’s very easy to use!

What are your favorite apps, pet and non-pet specific?