Thundersnap & Dial-A-Distance Leashes

In the market for a new leash?

We’re hardcore Red Dingo leash lovers and have been for all of Teton’s life, but we recently added a new leash to the mix.

Thundersnap Leash


This is the Thundersnap Leash from the folks who created the Thundershirt and yes, it’s 25% off right now. 😀

Tested to over 500lbs of force, the Thundersnap Leash is unique because of it’s clip, which attaches quickly and easily (and dare I say, in a snap) to the black cap attached to your dog’s collar.

In this instance, I think GIFs speak louder than words.



The leash itself is a basic black leash but gets bonus points from us because it’s made of strong webbing and has reflective details. Safety first for those early morning and night walks, my friends!


Don’t mind the eye roll. He was excited to walk. I promise. 😉

While I do think the snap mechanism on the Thundersnap Leash is a bit heavy and clunky, the ease of connecting the leash to Teton’s collar and/or harness makes up for that. It’s a fun to use and it works well if I need to quickly leash him up in the house or outside.

If you prefer a retractable leash over the more classic style, check out the Dial-A-Distance Leash.



Not your average retractable leash, the Dial-A-Distance is designed to automatically brake at a length you choose from 0 to 15 feet.



While we prefer the Thundersnap over the Dial-A-Distance, they’re both well made, well designed leashes that we recommend!

Happy walking and happy tails…


Kurgo Wander Bench Seat Cover

I love taking Teton with me everywhere I can. Luckily, (I think) he likes it, too. One of his favorite places to go is the “man store” (Lowe’s or Home Depot) but he’s not that picky and he’ll gladly take trip to the local pet store or to Grammy and Grampy’s house on the lake.

Sometimes, in the colder weather, he gets to sit in the front seat with the butt warmers on. ♥


However, most of the time Teton is either in the back of the car or in the middle with a seat cover.

In my opinion, the best dog car seat covers are those made by Kurgo. And no, I’m not just saying that because they sent me one to review. In fact, I’ve purchase two Kurgo car seat covers in my lifetime because I think they’re that good.


(Image source)

Along with the Impact Dog Car Harness they sent us a while back, Kurgo was kind enough to include their Wander Bench Seat Cover in Charcoal Grey.


This waterproof, stain resistant, machine washable cover is a very reasonable $40 and has a universal fit that means it’ll work for most vehicles. It comes in three colors – Black, Hampton Sand, and Charcoal Grey – so you can easily match it to the interior of your car.

Once you open the Wander Bench Seat Cover, you’ll pull out a sheet of instructions on how to install it.


Complicated, am I right? In truth, it wasn’t bad at all. I skimmed the directions and headed outside to install it in the Goosemobile, which took me about five minutes.

One of the best things about this seat cover (and all of Kurgo’s products) is the attention to detail in the little things like buckles, stitching, and pockets.


Seatbelt opening detail. (Image source)


Storage pocket detail. (Image source)

The Wander Bench Seat Cover, once installed, is super secure. It barely moves once your dog (or kids, passengers, groceries, etc.) is sitting on it thanks to it’s under-seat and back-of-seat attachments. Curious about those? Check out Kurgo’s video.

I’m so happy with this seat cover from Kurgo. Teton is, too, because it means more car rides for him!


Check out all of Kurgo’s car seat covers here. You can’t go wrong with any of these options!

Happy tails…


The Awesome Car Safety Harness (That Didn’t Quite Work For Us)

Happy Sunday, friends. I’m pleased to say that I haven’t struggled with the Sunday night blues in a while. I think that’s because I generally enjoy Monday for some reason. Probably because motivation is at it’s peak on Monday. If you’re someone who suffers from the Sunday night blues, you have my sympathy. That whole working thing really gets in the way of living your life.


Last month, the great people at Kurgo sent us a few products to test. I’ve used their car seat covers before and L O V E them, but was excited to try their Impact Dog Car Harness.

I drive a Subaru Outback (also known as the Goosemobile since one of Teton’s nickname’s is Goose) and when T is with me he’s either in the back of it or in the middle seat. Thinking about what might happen to his little body if I were to ever be in an accident with him in the car makes me instantly teary, so the idea of a safety harness is clearly something I believe in, hence why I was pumped to try it out.

As you know, Teton is all black and very fluffy, so that makes seeing a collar or harness on him preeeeeetty challenging. 😉 That being said, here’s a detailed photo of the Kurgo Impact Dog Car Harness.

Kurgo Impact Dog Harness Photo

And here it is on (a blurry-faced) Teton!


The harness fit great. Sizes range from Small to XL and are based on your dog’s weight.

This is a legit harness. It’s heavy-duty. The webbing is strong and the buckles aren’t messing around. Before we even put this on Teton it was clear that the quality was top notch and well worth the $75 price tag.

Using the Kurgo Impact Dog Car Harness is pretty easy, at least once you get the hang of it.

I’m special when it comes to puzzles, and the first time we put it on Teton felt a little like a puzzle to me because of all the straps and buckles. But, after one time putting it on I’m confident the next few will be a breeze.

Here’s Kurgo’s video on how to use the Impact Dog Car Harness.

Teton wasn’t as happy to be strapped in as Maya was.


Before we even hit the road, he went full dogatonic and laid down, utterly dejected.

Teton is a bit more sensitive than other dogs. Also, I think the fact that we’ve never restrained him in the car may have made this experience harder on him. With that, my advice to Dog Moms and Dog Dads out there is to use a safety harness or some sort of restraint in the car from the beginning, whether you get a puppy or a grown dog.

The Kurgo Dog Car Impact Harness is crash tested with a 130-lb simulated dog.



That’s legit!

So, it may have not worked for Teton the first time we used it, but whose to say he won’t get used to it? If you love your pooch as much as my husband and I love Teton, it’s certainly worth giving this harness a try, especially if he/she is frequently in the car with you!

We’ll give the Kurgo Impact Dog Car Harness another try soon and let you know how it goes the second time around.

What awesome products have you found to keep your dog safe in the car? I’d like to hear about them!

Later this week, I’ll share another cool Kurgo product with you, so come back soon!

Happy tails…


Life Lately + Dog CPR

Whaaaaaaaat? Yep. It’s me.


And this guy. (He’s not as bored as he looks in that photo right now because he’s chewing on a raw bone.)

Teton just got a special delivery from his pals over at – a brush. Ok, so maybe he’s not as excited about it as I am (he doesn’t love being brushed) but once I’ve used it I’ll write up a full review in case any of you are in the market for a new brush for your pooch.

This post is entitled “Life Lately” but I don’t have many photos to share because I’ve been a real turd about taking pictures lately. Life has been busy lately (hence the lack of blog posts) but I have a lot to write about in regard to Teton’s diet. We have added a supplement to Teton’s diet, changed his food, and introduced raw bones as a meal alternative two times a week. Sounds chaotic…and it was at first. But, all is fab now and Teton is looking great and seems happy as a clam. (I’ll write more specifics soon!)

Today I wanted to share an infographic that I found about animal CPR. I recently took my CPR + First Aid training and asked the instructor about performing CPR on a dog. It’s invaluable to know how to perform CPR on an adult or child but I wanted to know how to perform it on an animal should I ever need to, as well!



Hopefully you’ll never have to perform CPR on a pet but look this infographic over and keep it handy in case of emergency. And look for CPR + First Aid classes in your community or through your work. Everyone should now how to perform CPR!

Happy tails…

Safety First

Howdy.  Hope you’ve had a great week so far!  Is it me, or did it go by slowly?  I feel very ready for the weekend.

As does this guy.  (I think this may have been after a bum-bum scoot because look at the way he’s sitting!  Cracks me up.  :lol:)

Are you coming to Seattle Humane Society’s Walk for the Animals on Sunday?

I hope so.  But if you can’t be there, I hope you’ll consider making a donation since all proceeds benefit dogs, cats, and other furry monsters at the Seattle Humane Society.

My friend/co-worker AW and I went to lunch today and made a little stop off at Mud Bay to check out some dog goodies.  It was glorious as usual.  I could spend hours in a pet store.

I snagged these bad boys which I thought would go nicely with tonight’s product.

But, I’ll be returning them this weekend.

I like the idea behind Bright Steps.  Rather than using a safety light, attach highly reflective material to your dog’s actual body for added visibility during early morning or nightly walks.

Bright Steps are leg bands for your dog’s front and/or back legs that are made of reflective material.

They have a touch of elasticity in them and should fit snugly around your dog’s leg(s).  I’d show you what they look like on The Little Blogger, but, even though I got the size that fits up to a 40 lb dog, they were far too small.  That’s issue number one – poor sizing.

Issue number two is that they just felt…cheap.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the material didn’t do it for me.  And, even though I barely stretched them to attempt to fit them over Teton’s leg, I could see that the seams were coming apart in a big way.

Thankfully, Mud Bay has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and I know I won’t have a problem returning them for a full refund.

Sorry, Bright Steps.  Good idea, poor delivery.

On the bright (heh heh) side, I recently bought a safety product for Teton that I really like.

The Beacon by Ruff Wear is a safety light that you can attach to your dog’s collar or leash (or to yourself) while walking in the dark.

At first I was worried because it’s pretty thick.  Definitely bigger than the Pet Blinker that we’ve been using.

For how thick it is, it’s pretty light, so that’s definitely a plus.  I try to be conscientious of how much weight I make Teton carry whether it’s in a pack or around his neck.

I really appreciate that you can attach The Beacon either with the ring or the plastic slidey doohickey thing.  What are those called anyway?  This way, if I want it on Teton’s collar I can easily attach it but if I decide that I want to wear it I can slide it over a belt loop.

To turn The Beacon on, simply press the small yellow button on the bottom of the device.

Of these great features…

…my favorite is that The Beacon has three different light modes.  Check ’em out.

We haven’t tried The Beacon outside yet, but we definitely will this weekend!  I’ll let you know how it is in action.

Since it’s darker in the morning and early evening now it’s super important to be safe and visible especially if you live in a neighborhood with lots of traffic.  What other safety devices have you found for your dog?

Night, y’all!  Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.