Brat & Suzie

Hi, y’all!

Shannon & Teton

Long time no blog. I’ve missed you.

In honor of my return, here are some goodies I found recently for you dog lovers out there.

Brat & Suzie Swing Dog Sweat Top

Swing Dog Sweat Top from Brat & Suzie

I don’t know how I could have missed Brat & Suzie. This brand is adorable and I must have every item in their line.

You can imagine my heartbreak when I found out that they are based out of London. But, after some sleuthin’ I found out that Asos carries a few of their tops. Too bad they don’t have my favorite, the Hippy Dog Burnout Tee.

Brat & Suzie Hippy Dog Tee

I mean! Do you see this thing?!?!

And, I know it’s not a dog, but…but…

Brat & Suzie Donkey Sweater

It’s a donkey! In rain boots! With an umbrella!

Ok, so enough of that adorableness and on to some more fun little items.

Check out this sweet necklace that I’ve been eying for the last few days.

Dog Lover Necklace 2

Dog Lover Necklace from A Charmed Impression

This petite little gem comes in either gold or silver and you can have it engraved or just with the paw print.

Dog Lover Necklace 1

I love it both ways but almost lean toward the non-engraved. Isn’t it the cutest?

Another thing I’ve had my eye on for a while is this treat jar from

Ore Pet Ceramic Treat Jar

Ore Pet Ceramic My Pet Likes Treats Treat Jar from Chewy

Well, that’ll do it for tonight. I’m off to walk the pup!

Happy tails…


Dinner for Dogs Giveaway Winner (& Some Other Fun Stuffs)

Yep, fun stuffs coming your way. But first, the randomly selected winner of the Dinner for Dogs giveaway is…


Dinner for Dogs Giveaway Winner

Congratulations, Sara! There are a ton of great snacks in Dinner for Dogs. Let me know how it goes when you make them and what your favorites are! E-mail me at and we’ll send you your copy of Dinner for Dogs!

Thanks to the folks at The Experiment for sponsoring this giveaway.

Now, onto the fun stuffs. 🙂

Have you seen these Chester & Company necklaces?


I mean! Too cute.

They’re on right now so get ’em while the gettin’s good!

If you’re not feeling the dog-themed jewelry, how about an accessory for your dog?


You know I’ve loved Silly Buddy since I had them make me a custom collar for Teton for our wedding. I’ve seen a lot of doggie bow ties out there but none are as well made as Silly Buddy and I’ve definitely never seen such fun fabrics. Look at that wood grain! And the chevron! Teton might need another.

Added bonus: Silly Buddy bow ties are actually a collar AND a bow tie, since you can snap the bow tie portion off. Love that!

Welp, I’m outta here for now. Have fun shopping and I’ll see you next week for a review of Natural Balance Jerky Bark that you won’t want to miss!


Have a great weekend!


Does your dog have multiple collars?

This guy does.

Teton 2

Ok, so that’s a harness, but he really does have a lot of collars. Too bad you can never see them with all that hair.

Before I get into collars, I really should mention that the harness Teton is wearing in the photo above is the best harness on the market. Period. It’s the Premier Easy Walk Harness and it is a brilliant product. It’s changed the way we walk and I’ll never take The Little Blogger out without it again. I promise to post a full review of it at some point. I’ve slacked because it’s really hard to get good photos of Teton with collars, harnesses, etc. because he has so much dark, thick hair.  If you have any issues walking your dog currently (pulling, stopping constantly, refusing to walk) try this harness. It’s incredible.

When Teton isn’t wearing his Easy Walk Harness you can find him in either his Spiffy Dog Air Collar

Spiffy Dog Air Collar

or his Buckle-Down Death or Glory collar.

Buckle Down Dog Collar

When I’m at pet stores, I always check out the collar section. You never know when you might find a fun print that you (I mean, your dog) can’t live without. Here are a few cool designs I’ve had my eye on.

Good Dog Collar

“Good Dog” Dog Collar available at Sundance

Mustache Collar

Mustache Dog Collar from Dogologie Designs

Star Wars Collar

Star Wars Dog Collar from Funky Mutt

Little Stinker Collar

Little Stinker Dog Collar from You Had Me At Woof

Bad to the Bone Collar

Or the more manly Bad to the Bone Dog Collar, also from You Had Me At Woof

Mustache Collar #2

Another mustache option – Mustache Dog Collar available at Muttropolis

Batman Collar

Bat Signal Dog Collar available at Belts Direct

Silly Buddy Collar

Sew Retro Dog Collar from Silly Buddy

Silly Buddy made Teton’s custom collar/bow tie for our wedding and it is adorable.


Hmmm. Just realized that most of these collars are very boy dog specific. Next week I’ll find some collars for those sassy lady dogs!

Have a wonderful evening!

Kevin Bacon and Red Dingo

Happy Friday!

Check out this cute video of Kevin Bacon and his dog, Lilly, getting into the Olympic spirit.

(Direct Link)

Aaaaand, thanks to YouTube, here’s another funny video of Kevin Bacon and Lilly.

(Direct Link)

In other news almost as important as that of Kevin and Lilly, we finally got a new Red Dingo tag for Teton.

It was a tough decision, but we decided to go with the very intimidating skull design on an orange background.

The tag, which I ordered through our local Mud Bay, came with this cute card.

It’s those little extra touches that make for an awesome pet company.

I’m off to feed the little scamp and grab some dinner myself before watching the opening ceremony!




Love Me Love My Dog

One of my favorite dog lover fashion brands is Barkology. I love their designs, colors, and sayings. Unfortunately, Barkology isn’t cheap. Most of their t-shirts range in price from $30 to $44 and their baseball hats will run you roughly $30.

I’m a $15 to $25 t-shirt kinda gal. However, I’ve wanted a Barkology shirt for a while now so when I found one in my size on clearance at a local pet store, I had to snatch it up.

My shirt has this same “Love me love my dog” graphic but is short sleeved and light green. It was on sale for $23.99 or something like that. The store I got this from is the only pet store I know of locally that sells Barkology, and even then their assortment is limited.

While I like my shirt a lot, it’s made of very thin material and the fit is a little off. It’s long, which I appreciate since I have a long torso, but it’s just a little too long and gets bunched up in all the wrong places. I wish that the thread and stitching were higher quality, too. It seems like the kind of shirt that will rip in about 2.5 seconds if it get snagged.

Is it my favorite shirt ever? No. But it’s cute and allows me to fly my Dog Mom flag without looking like a total freak in something like this:

Or having to take a photo like this:

Have a great night!

Polka Dog at Target

Did you check out the Polka Dog Bakery line at Target?

If you’re not familiar with Polka Dog, here’s a short video from the Target website that will make you fall in love with them.

Polka Dog Bakery at Target

I was a little late to the whole The Shops at Target party, but once I found out about Polka Dog I knew I had to get my hands on one of their collars.

Their Target selection was comprised of treats, bowls, toys, collars, and harnesses. I say “was” because their run at Target was short – just over one month – and it appears as though Target has sold out of most of their inventory online.

The in-store display was pretty stinkin’ cute.

That toilet brush is not in the Polka Dog line. 😉

You can tell from these photos that they already had a fairly limited supply at my Target. I took these photos in late May and Polka Dog arrived at Target on May 6th.

Teton has a lot of toys, a handful of travel bowls, and a zillion treats, so I decided that a new collar was in order.

The collars on the far left were a thin rubber-like material that would have gotten stuck in his fur in about 3.5 seconds, so I opted for the collars in the middle and to the far right. Each style was $8.99 regardless of size, which was a pretty compelling price.

The polka dot design was pretty cute, but I chose the more manly striped option. Are diagonal stripes manly? I’m guessing my husband would say no.

I think that the colors and designs are spot-on. I love this green and orange combo with light teal accents and I think it’s a fun option for either a male or female dog.

One thing I’m not crazy about, however, is the buckle hardware.

It feels a little cheap compared to Teton’s other collars, but it’s not a deal breaker for me because of the $8.99 price tag.

All in all, a well-constructed collar at a great price that is a fun fashion accessory for your pooch.

I’m super excited to have been able to grab a piece of Polka Dog assortment before their run at Target comes to a end.

Switching gears to dog food, I have a question for you fellow Dog Moms and Dog Dads…

Do any of you feed your dog Ziwi Peak food? This photo is of one of their treats, but I’m very interested in their Daily Dog Air-Dried Cuisine. If your dog eats in now or has eaten in the past, let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend!