Kevin Bacon and Red Dingo

Happy Friday!

Check out this cute video of Kevin Bacon and his dog, Lilly, getting into the Olympic spirit.

(Direct Link)

Aaaaand, thanks to YouTube, here’s another funny video of Kevin Bacon and Lilly.

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In other news almost as important as that of Kevin and Lilly, we finally got a new Red Dingo tag for Teton.

It was a tough decision, but we decided to go with the very intimidating skull design on an orange background.

The tag, which I ordered through our local Mud Bay, came with this cute card.

It’s those little extra touches that make for an awesome pet company.

I’m off to feed the little scamp and grab some dinner myself before watching the opening ceremony!




Love Me Love My Dog

One of my favorite dog lover fashion brands is Barkology. I love their designs, colors, and sayings. Unfortunately, Barkology isn’t cheap. Most of their t-shirts range in price from $30 to $44 and their baseball hats will run you roughly $30.

I’m a $15 to $25 t-shirt kinda gal. However, I’ve wanted a Barkology shirt for a while now so when I found one in my size on clearance at a local pet store, I had to snatch it up.

My shirt has this same “Love me love my dog” graphic but is short sleeved and light green. It was on sale for $23.99 or something like that. The store I got this from is the only pet store I know of locally that sells Barkology, and even then their assortment is limited.

While I like my shirt a lot, it’s made of very thin material and the fit is a little off. It’s long, which I appreciate since I have a long torso, but it’s just a little too long and gets bunched up in all the wrong places. I wish that the thread and stitching were higher quality, too. It seems like the kind of shirt that will rip in about 2.5 seconds if it get snagged.

Is it my favorite shirt ever? No. But it’s cute and allows me to fly my Dog Mom flag without looking like a total freak in something like this:

Or having to take a photo like this:

Have a great night!

Polka Dog at Target

Did you check out the Polka Dog Bakery line at Target?

If you’re not familiar with Polka Dog, here’s a short video from the Target website that will make you fall in love with them.

Polka Dog Bakery at Target

I was a little late to the whole The Shops at Target party, but once I found out about Polka Dog I knew I had to get my hands on one of their collars.

Their Target selection was comprised of treats, bowls, toys, collars, and harnesses. I say “was” because their run at Target was short – just over one month – and it appears as though Target has sold out of most of their inventory online.

The in-store display was pretty stinkin’ cute.

That toilet brush is not in the Polka Dog line. 😉

You can tell from these photos that they already had a fairly limited supply at my Target. I took these photos in late May and Polka Dog arrived at Target on May 6th.

Teton has a lot of toys, a handful of travel bowls, and a zillion treats, so I decided that a new collar was in order.

The collars on the far left were a thin rubber-like material that would have gotten stuck in his fur in about 3.5 seconds, so I opted for the collars in the middle and to the far right. Each style was $8.99 regardless of size, which was a pretty compelling price.

The polka dot design was pretty cute, but I chose the more manly striped option. Are diagonal stripes manly? I’m guessing my husband would say no.

I think that the colors and designs are spot-on. I love this green and orange combo with light teal accents and I think it’s a fun option for either a male or female dog.

One thing I’m not crazy about, however, is the buckle hardware.

It feels a little cheap compared to Teton’s other collars, but it’s not a deal breaker for me because of the $8.99 price tag.

All in all, a well-constructed collar at a great price that is a fun fashion accessory for your pooch.

I’m super excited to have been able to grab a piece of Polka Dog assortment before their run at Target comes to a end.

Switching gears to dog food, I have a question for you fellow Dog Moms and Dog Dads…

Do any of you feed your dog Ziwi Peak food? This photo is of one of their treats, but I’m very interested in their Daily Dog Air-Dried Cuisine. If your dog eats in now or has eaten in the past, let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend!

If the sweater fits…

Ok, so the sweater doesn’t actually fit (it’s just a touch too small), but here it is!

Don’t worry.  From what I can tell The Little Blogger doesn’t mind wearing this sweater or its monkey-eared hood.  I’ll post a full review of Chilly Dog’s Sock Monkey Sweater as soon as we get the bigger size in the mail.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!  We’re looking forward to a few days off and hope to spend some time up in the mountains (snow!).

A Halloween Play Date

3 Dog Moms.

5 dogs.

4 jockeys.

Care to take bets on the racers?

Heeeeeerrrrre’s Moose!

Meet Kyra!

…and Kyra’s “little” brother, Biju!

And you all know Teton…

Last but not least…it’s Fossie!  Fossie prefers her Thundershirt (and a tennis ball) over a jockey.

Ok, so there weren’t any actual races, but it was pretty hilarious watching our fur babies run around the backyard with jockeys on their backs.  And, because their Target Halloween costumes felt more like harnesses, they acted pretty much as they normally would.

What?  I said pretty much.  😉

All in all, it was a ridiculous fun ridiculously fun play date.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the day (photo cred to MH!).

Happy Halloween!  😀

What’s in a name?

A nickname, that is!

I’m willing to bet that you have at least one nickname for your dog.  If you’re like me, you probably have more than one.  😉

Teton’s nicknames include but are not limited to:  T, Mr. T, Goonie, Goon, Goon Bird, Goose, Goosey, Goose Man, Puppa, Dude, and Dude-O.  That’s a pretty comprehensive list in case you were wondering.

The Goose and I just got back from our nightly walk.

We’ve been alternating between shorter and longer walks each night.  Shorter meaning around 30 minutes and longer meaning 50 – 60.  Now that it’s not so “warm” out The Little Blogger doesn’t get overheated so we can handle those 60 minute walks even if the sun is out.  Which, of course, it hardly ever is in Washington.  😕

Oh, and I say “warm” because warm in Washington means over 75 degrees.  I love the heat but TLB isn’t used to it so I can’t blame him for getting hot with all that fur.

Anyhoo, it’s Etsy Wednesday!

I’m a little bit addicted to Etsy.  Along with searching for jewelry, handmade clothing, and other rando things for my house, I always make time to check out what Etsy sellers have for pets.

On Monday I came across this:

PoodleLounge’s Dog Walking Bag

Did you happen to notice that little opening in the far left corner of the bag?

It’s a built-in doodie bag holder!  Be still my heart.

If you’re reading this right now and you don’t have a dog or are a straight male, I can totally understand that you’re all WTF is this hideous thing?  But take a walk with me down explanation lane.

Dog walks don’t always call for a shoulder bag or backpack, but haven’t you ever gone out to eat and dined on a restaurant patio that allowed dogs?  Maybe your dog was thirsty and you wished you had a portable dog bowl and a bottle of water.  Or maybe you were on a hot date and wished you could have pulled out a Himalayan Dog Chew to pacify your dog’s boredom and to impress your date for having such a well-mannered dog that sat quietly and chewed on the best treat of all time.  Maybe you’ve taken your dog with you on a family vacation to the beach and found yourself needing more than just a couple of poo bags while your dog happily followed your kids into the fresh salty ocean.  (You needed a towel in that situation in case you were wondering.)

Well, for all that extra stuff you didn’t know you needed, here’s a view of the inside of the Dog Walking Bag:

Look at all that space!  Room for your cell, your portable dog bowl, a water bottle, a bag of treats…you name it!

Ever been walking your dog after they’ve done a twoski and grimaced at the smell coming from the poo bag that was burning your nostril hair and making your eyes water?  Why not just throw it in the lined pocket on the backside of the Dog Walking Bag until you find a trash can?


Check out the Dog Walking Bag’s specs:

  • Fully lined and carefully stitched this bag is fleeced to give body. Handle is adjustable with a slider to insure comfortable fit. May be worn over shoulder or cross body.

  • The zipper pocket is line and has a large grommet to allow rolled bags to be within easy reach as they feed through the hole. Front zipper is 7″. One new roll of bags included to get you started on your walk. Roll of bags laying outside of purse in photo is to show what is included.

  • On the reverse side there is a large lined open pocket equipped with removable vinyl sleeve to carry the used bag load until proper receptacle is found. This pocket can be used for dog treats instead.

  • The inside compartment is deep with divided lined pocket to carry phone, wallet, keys, pen and pad, bottled water or other needed items on your walk. Inside is finished off with magnetic snap to hold closed.

  • This bag approximate measures: 8″ across by 11″ tall and 3 inches deep.

Did I mention PoodleLounge’s Dog Walking Bag is only $37.50?!?!?!?!

My birthday is coming up.  I’ll be begging asking for this.

Have a great night and a wonderful weekend!  See you on Tuesday for a new product review!

On the brain

I must have poo on the brain because tonight’s post, much like Tuesday’s, is all about dookie.

A few weeks ago I was checking out some t-shirt websites (who doesn’t love a good tee?) and found this shirt that I must order.


Right?  How clever is that?  It’s totally cute in a mildly disgusting way.  How fast can you name all of these characters and their dogs?  The third down on the left row was the hardest for me, but it finally clicked after I paid close attention to the character’s accessories…

The girl version is this pink salmon color.


I like the guy version in yellow better, but the pink will have to do!

About the same time I found this shirt, coincidentally enough my mom cut this article out of the newspaper for me:

State pays for music video about picking up dog doo (click to read the article)

Check out the vid!

…you gotta bag it up…

From one Dog Parent to another, thanks for picking up your dog’s doo.  The Little Blogger and I sure appreciate it!

A Light (A-Lite) Leash

Hello, hello!

Looking for a new leash for your pooch?

Why not give the A-Lite Boa Lite Leash a try?

This is not your average leash. For starters, the handle is equipped with a buckle for easy transfer to your belt loop, bike rack, etc.

Plenty of room for whatever you need to attach the leash to.

I’m not a big fan of attaching Teton’s leash to anything other than me, so if I do want to go hands-free, I attach the A-Lite Boa Lite Leash to one of my belt loops.

Of course, I generally wear shoes when we go for walks.

The Boa Lite is made of extremely lightweight nylon and weighs only 4 ounces!

Compared to other leashes, it’s a bit short, but I think it’s important to have either a short leash or a leash that can be made shorter (like the Red Dingo reflective leash) for situations that call for increased control (hikes, walks with other dogs, etc.).

The Boa Lite also has an extra-secure snap for your pooch’s collar.

I’m seeing more and more leashes with this type of snap. They take a little getting used to because you open them like this:

But they are quite secure compared to your average leash snap.

Aside from its detachable handle, lightweight nature, and extra-secure snap, the A-Lite Boa Lite Leash’s most unique feature is its Boa Pod.

Check it.

Those two zippered pockets lead to a world of magic!

And you, my friend, are the magician.

I would hope that in one of those magical pockets you would stuff a few poo bags…

…but the other pocket…well, that’s where the fun begins.

Perhaps a few treats for walkies?

There are those Wet Noses Little Stars again! Have you given them to your pooch yet?

If you don’t want to stuff the other pocket with treats, how ’bout some ChapStick? Maybe your house key! Sorry – not quite big enough for a cell phone but aside from that, the possibilities are endless!

Here are the deets:

Price – Yeowch! The A-Lite Boa Lite Leash is a whopping $30. I’m not too pleased with that. My max for a good leash is around $25.

Features – Win, win, win! This leash is like nothing else on the market. Add the light weight, the detachable leash handle, and the Boa Pod all together and you have one smokin’ hot leash.

Teton and I give the A-Lite Boa Lite Leash two paws up. Price aside, this is a fun, unique, lightweight, and useful leash.

Have a wonderful night!