Wellness CORE Simply Shreds

Hello, again!

We rang in 2018 at an amazing little town here in Washington State that is not only beautiful but is also dog-friendly.

Here’s photographic evidence of both of these things.


  1. Beautiful. Teton on a great (long) winter hike.


2. Dog-friendly! Teton in the bike shop. ❤

For the month of January, we had the opportunity to choose from a few treats and food items available at Chewy.com.

Since Teton had tried (and enjoyed) a handful of Wellness products before, I thought we’d give the line of Wellness CORE Simply Shreds a try!

I always read the ingredients before choosing a food item for Teton, and I make note of the country of origin, as well. We try to only give Teton food and treats with limited ingredients that are made in the United States, Canada, or a few others countries (New Zealand, for example) that I’ve done some research on.

In the case of Wellness CORE Simply Shreds, I gave the ingredients a look, decided they were perfectly fine, and then that was that! I did not check the country of origin because it wasn’t loudly advertised like many “Made in the USA” treats and since the Wellness products we’d tried in the past were made in the U.S. I assumed this would be, as well.

I was, and still am (for the most part) pleased when I inspected the chicken, wild salmon & pumpkin variety of the Wellness CORE Simply Shreds that we received.


This box of 12 (!) pouches holds in it a product with limited ingredients – chicken, chicken broth, water, salmon, and pumpkin – to be used as a topper for your dog’s dry food.


(We’ve used a few already!)


Inside each pouch is liquid, chunks of chicken and salmon, and pumpkin. It must smell great because Teton’s little sniffer goes nuts when I open the packet. As a Dog Mom, the odor isn’t so strong that it’s off-putting, which is nice.


There is clearly more chicken than salmon in these (not surprising when you consider cost) but all in all, it’s probably something I, personally, would happily eat in a zombie apocalypse situation.

My one issue with Wellness CORE Simply Shreds is that, while Wellness the company is based in the U.S., this particular product is made in Thailand.


Is this an issue? Maybe. Maybe not. But, it’s my fault for not being more Sherlock Holmes about this particular food item and confirming its country of origin before selecting it. That being said, however, Chewy.com very clearly calls out that this product is made in Thailand on the product page under “Questions & Answers.” I simply want to mention it here to remind you that you can never be too careful when selecting food for your dog! I’m about as nuts as they come and I made a mistake on this one.

I really love the idea of the Wellness CORE Simply Shreds and think that the execution is great. The ingredient list is phenomenal and the easy-to-open packets are great for dogs of any size (you could even split a packet between two dogs!). I’m sure this would be a great food to implement if you have a picky eater or, frankly, if you just want to treat your dog every once in a while.

At under $20 for the box of 12 pouches, the price is very palatable.

Thanks to Chewy.com for a new product to kick off 2018!

Happy tails…


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