Petcube Play Review

I’m pretty freaking stoked to share my review of the Petcube Play with you today. This is hands-down the coolest product I’ve received and I know you’re going to love it!


The Petcube Play is an interactive camera that allows you not only to see what your pet is doing while you’re away from the house, but also to talk to and hear your pet through 2-way audio and play with your pet with a laser!


You do all of this through your phone and the set up and use of the Petcube Play is insanely easy, which is a huge plus.


Inside the Petcube Play is the camera itself, power adaptor, power cable, and a quick and easy start guide to get set up in a matter of minutes.


Here is what the Petcube Play looks like unboxed.


For size reference, here is is next to some votive holders. It’s fairly small, which is great if you’re someone who doesn’t like big electronics sitting in your living room or other area of the house.


To get the most out of the Petcube Play, it’s recommended that you set it up wherever your pet spends the most time during the day. For Teton, that’s the living room, where he can watch for predators and protect the house.


Once you’ve set up the Petcube Play itself, you’ll want to download the app. From there, it’s a few quick adjustments in your settings and you’ll be ready to rock!


Aside from the live view (which you get to by simply touching the play icon above “herdogblog’s petcube”), one of the coolest features of the Petcube Play is Petcube Care. This feature (which you view by touching the heart/paw print icon) actually records and stores video from your Petcube when there is movement or sound detected. In the app settings, you can indicate whether you want to be notified of movement, sound, or both!


I didn’t know what to expect when I first set up our Petcube Play. If I’m being completely honest, I initially thought, “Ok, I guess this is cool. But, I don’t really think I’ll look at it that often. And I bet the quality isn’t that great.” Another thing I know I said to at least three separate people was, “I’d never pay $200 for this.”

I was wrong. This thing is SO FREAKING COOL. And, yes, I’d pay $200 for it. Why? Three words. Piece of mind.

For example, the videos that follow were recorded by the Petcube Play early one morning after I’d left for work (which is why they’re in night vision).

How is that just not the coolest thing ever?!

I also took a screen shot from a video that Petcube Care recorded that makes me smile every time I look at it.


Being able to see Teton at any time when I’m away from the house gives me the feeling I had when I used to bring Teton to work with me every day. It puts my mind at ease, brings my blood pressure down, and instantly puts me in a better mood!

You might be wondering what I think of the laser and 2-way audio.

With the laser, Teton has never been one to enjoy chasing, well…anything, so that’s not a feature that will get a lot of use. I know many cats that would thoroughly enjoy it, however!

As for the 2-way audio, I need to test it a bit more. Teton is one of those special dogs that gets very anxious if he can hear my husband or I but not see us. With that being said, my plan is to test the audio by talking to him through it when I’m in another room to see how he reacts and if his little heart can handle it. 🙂 As for listening on the other end through my phone, the audio is flawless!

The Petcube Play comes in three colors and retails at $199.


Petcube also has a new product coming soon – Petcube Bites. Petcube Bites, instead of a laser, has the ability to fling treats to your pet either on demand or on a schedule. It will retail for $249 and you can pre-order it on the Petcube website today!


I’m so excited about our Petcube Play that I’ve been telling practically everyone I know (and some that I don’t) all about it. If you’re in the market for a pet camera or if the idea of being able to watch and interact with your pet while you’re away excites you, check out Petcube. The quality is incredible, the set-up is a breeze, and it’s just plain FUN.

Huge thanks to Petcube for sending Her Dog Blog the Petcube Play! I never thought I’d love it as much as I do and now I can’t live without it!

Happy tails…


2 thoughts on “Petcube Play Review

  1. I don’t have many dog gadgets, but this is something that would purchase! Thanks for writing an honest review.

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