Earth Animal No-Hide Chews

What up, Sunday!!!

Aside from getting the Sunday night blues (something I’m actively trying to work on not getting), I love me a good Sunday. Sleeping in, grocery shopping, dog walks, food prep, donuts…ahhhhh. The good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, I started another blog about fitness, food, and healthy living. It’s called Red Fox Fit and I’d love it if you popped over to take a look! Let me know what you think of my first post. 😀

Teton gets a raw bone every Sunday for dinner, so he loves Sundays, too.


I promise he’s more enthusiastic about the raw bone situation than he looks in this photo.

We attribute Teton’s great dental health to eating raw bones in place of kibble twice a week. If you’re debating whether to give your dog raw bones or food, check out one of my posts on that topic here. Another way that we’ve kept Teton’s teeth clean and healthy is by continuing to give him chews as treats.

You know I love the Himalayan Dog Chew, but I’ve found a new treat that is just as awesome and wanted to share it with you!


This is the Earth Animal No-Hide Dog Chew and it comes in chicken, beef, and salmon flavors. I snagged both the chicken beef flavors at our local pet store, Mud Bay, for Teton a few months back. Since then, this has been his favorite chew and I’ve been so, so happy with it!


This chew is made of very basic ingredients like chicken, eggs, and banana and is completely digestible. Most importantly, it’s rawhide-free.

Rawhide bones – made (literally) of the inner layer of cow hides – are dangerous to feed your dog because they are taxing to digest and often become either stuck in the digestive tract or esophagus. It’s not uncommon for a dog to choke on large pieces of rawhide, either, especially if not monitored while chewing a rawhide bone.

The “answer” to rawhide has, in the past, been things like the Himalayan Dog Chew, antlers, or even raw meat bones from cows or bison. I’m all for those types of chews but the Earth Animal No-Hide Chews are great because they’re cheaper (!), they don’t leave a mess (raw bones are pretty bloody), and they last a long time (at least for Teton).

Speaking of Teton…


I mean…

♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

Anywhats, if you’re looking for a chew for your dog, please give these a go because they’re L E G I T. And no, I wasn’t sent these to test; I actually bought them and continue to do so because Teton loves them so much!


Have a wonderful week!

Happy tails…

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