The Dog Mom Project – Angie & Sawyer

The Dog Mom Project – Angie & Sawyer

Introduce yourself! Share a selfie with you and your dog.

♥ Hi, My name is Angie, dog mom of three, leather artisan and future lawyer. I love handcrafting leather dog collars, eating avocados, and dancing in my room.

Check out Angie’s handmade leather collars here. They’re amazing! 

Dog Mom Project - Angie & Sawyer

Ok, tell us about your dog. What’s his/her name? Age? Breed?

♥ My dog’s name is Sawyer. He is 6 months and of course filled with so much love and energy. Sawyer constantly receives remarks because of his comical expressions and because he has not acquired that signature German Shepherd pointy-eared look. However, his beautiful midnight coat, sweet honey colored eyes, and solid muscular regal silhouette make up for his goofy floppy eared face, non-graceful and clumsy gallop, and his constant battle staying balanced with his enormous paws.

What is your favorite thing about your dog?

♥ My favorite thing about Sawyer is his mellow and at times well collected personality. Every minute with Sawyer is an adventure and a learning experience- he is inquisitive, warmhearted and protective.

When do you and your dog have the most fun together?

♥ Sawyer strives to make every moment of our lives fun. During playtime and walks we have the most fun. Although he is mellow and tranquil, he will never pass up a playtime opportunity.

Does your dog have any quirky habits? Tell us about them.

♥ Sawyer enjoys gazing at his reflection and his various head tilting positions. He is also obsessed with water and must be in it no matter the body size of water. He must stomp and flop through every body of water and then turns around to observe the waves he created and tries to catch the waves with his teeth. Sawyer can spend large amounts of time gazing and inspecting his reflection- he use to run into our mirror and bark at his reflection- now he constantly tilts his head and heavily observes the various ways his head moves.

Finish this sentence. If my dog had a song stuck in his/her head, it would be…

♥ Train – Drops of Jupiter

At what point did you realize you weren’t just someone who has a dog, but a dog mom?

♥ From the moment I saw and felt his serene, warmhearted, and fuzzy face. I held him minutes after he was born and tears of joy streamed down my face as his tender and gently touch soothed and lightened every aspect of my life.

What’s one thing you want someone without a dog to know about being a dog mom?

♥ Dogs are amazing family members. Their unconditional love is something we all naturally seek and need. If given the opportunity- they will always display their love and loyalty without expecting something in return. Once you open your home to a dog- your entire view point about the world and surroundings will change and for the better.

What’s your favorite dog product?

♥ Kongs. We give Sawyer his kibble and treats in them, which helps him eat slower while being entertained and challenged. Kongs are a great help for our highly active 3 dogs.

Now, share a favorite picture of your dog with us. 

Dog Mom Project - Sawyer

Happy tails…

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