The Dog Mom Project – Melissa & Kyra

The Dog Mom Project – Melissa & Kyra

Introduce yourself! Share a selfie with you and your dog.

♥ Melissa is the name, dogs are my game.  I love all dogs, they’re just amazing creatures.  People have told me when they die they’d like to come back as one of my dogs because I treat them like royalty.













Ok, tell us about your dog. What’s his/her name? Age? Breed?

♥ My little girl is Kyra…aka Ky…and when she’s feisty she’s The Kaiser.  DNA tests tell me she’s mostly Pomeranian with a mix of various terriers in there.  She’s going to be 8 years old (or so we think) this year.  Ky was a little street dog found out in Tacoma.  She apparently had a hard start to her little life…has a bee-bee shot imbedded in her back and you can tell she’s had a broken rib.  I got her at about a year old and have tried my best to give her the life she deserves as a princess.  She’s the most amazing little girl and everyone falls in love with her when they meet her…she even has her own fan club.

What is your favorite thing about your dog?

♥ Her personality definitely.  She’s an independent girl, but at the end of the day she loves nothing better than snuggling with me on the couch and then cuddling in my armpit when we go to bed.

When do you and your dog have the most fun together?

♥ I love the times when we grab her favorite toy and play on the living room floor.  It’s a toy flower I got from BarkBox that she loves chewing on while I try to steal it from her.  She playfully growls and pretends to snip at my hand until I finally get it and throw it across the room for her to go get…then we begin the process again.

Does your dog have any quirky habits? Tell us about them.

♥ Well, there’s our after breakfast chat.  It’s been the same thing every morning for years.  I give her breakfast, and go back to getting dressed for work.  Once she’s done she comes to the bathroom doorway and sits politely.  I give her a good back scratch while I ask her how her breakfast was…then I answer for her in my best doggie-baby voice that I attribute to her…it generally goes something like “it was good mom, but you know, I’d like more of that peanut butter if you could.”

Finish this sentence. If my dog had a song stuck in his/her head, it would be…

♥ Um, I’d have to go with that line from the Avril Lavigne song “Don’t pretend I think you know I’m damn precious/And hell yeah/I’m the mother fucking princess” because she’s the princess and demands that you treat her as one.

At what point did you realize you weren’t just someone who has a dog, but a dog mom?

♥ I don’t have kids, don’t care to…just dogs.  The more I came to understand a dog, their connection and love for their family, the more I realized how special they are.  Then I started seeing all dogs that way…and seeing the unconditional love they provide.  There was no turning back, I knew I had to try to love them as much as they love me.

What’s one thing you want someone without a dog to know about being a dog mom?

Try to look at them as a child, not just an animal.  Look at them as a loving part of your family and recognize the unconditional love they provide you.  No matter how bad your day, you walk in the door and they’re so genuinely excited to see you.  Once you start recognizing that behavior in them you’re world will be such a happier place.

What’s your favorite dog product?

♥ For Kyra, I’m a big fan of the Kong…I stuff it with some treats, then top it off with peanut butter and it’s a consistently great little treat for her…that thing will last forever.

Now, share a favorite picture of your dog with us. 
















Happy tails…

One thought on “The Dog Mom Project – Melissa & Kyra

  1. The dog mom project sounds awesome. Definitely something me and Nico should participate in.

    The “mostly Pomeranian” part really surprised me as on that first picture your dog looks like a German Shepherd. 😀

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