Outward Hound Doggy Blocks

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are spending quality time with the ones you love, doing what you love and remembering the reason for this holiday. I did a hero WOD at our gym this morning, picked up some groceries for a BBQ tonight, and after I hit publish on this post, Teton and I will be walking around the ‘hood a few miles. Pretty much a perfect day as far as I’m concerned!

This, my friends, is Outward Hound’s Doggy Blocks interactive dog toy, sent to us from our pals over at Chewy.com.


Teton has tested about four different interactive toys, but this one is the most advanced that he’s had.


This toy, much like others we’ve tested, spins to reveal treat compartments. But, in this version, there’s an extra challenge because the treat compartments are covered by the yellow blocks that sit atop the first layer of the toy itself.


As shown in the photo above, there are treat compartments that are the exact size of the yellow blocks that sit above them, but there are also circular shaped compartments next to square shaped ones that are revealed when your dog spins the treat with his or her paws nose.

Using Outward Hound’s Doggy Blocks is very simple. After removing the yellow blocks and twisting the top layer of the toy to reveal each of the treat compartments, fill said compartments with any type of treat (or kibble!) that will motivate your dog.


When you’re done, leave the top layer as it is, or spin it back to it’s starting position in which the circular shaped treat compartments are not revealed. (This way your dog will have to spin the toy as well as remove the blocks in order to reveal all the treats.)


I like to let Teton watch me put the toy together so that he understands there are treats inside. You can also see that each yellow block, as well as the spinner itself, has strategically placed holes that allow your dog to smell the treats inside.

Once you’ve put the Doggy Blocks back together, let your dog have at it!

The Outward Hound Doggy Blocks is hands down my favorite interactive toy yet. It incorporates the excitement of the spinner (which allows for more treat hiding) and the challenge of the blocks which means it takes longer for your dog to trouble shoot and work toward his or her reward.


Teton loves it, too!

Outward Hound’s Doggy Blocks is ON SALE now at Chewy.com for just $11.24. Snag it and a  few bags of fun new treats for your pup!

Happy tails…

Disclaimer: Her Dog Blog was sent this product in exchange for our honest review and no compensation other than the product was received.

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