The Dog Mom Project – Morgan & Henley

The Dog Mom Project – Morgan & Henley

Introduce yourself! Share a selfie with you and your dog.

♥ I’m Morgan. I’m 32 years old, married, and a lawyer. I’m also a cat mom. I love cross-stitching, CrossFit, coffee, and watching true crime tv shows.

Dog Mom Project - Morgan & Henley Selfie

Ok, tell us about your dog. What’s his/her name? Age? Breed?

♥ My dog is Baron Henley von Pretzel, or Henley for short. Also known as H, HP, Pretzel, P-Retz, etc. He’s a 3 year old Chihuahua Schnauzer mix.

What is your favorite thing about your dog?

♥ My favorite thing about Henley is that he is just so darn friendly with everyone. He loves kids, old people, other dogs, cats, frogs, you name it. He just wants everyone to love him.

When do you and your dog have the most fun together?

♥ I would hope Henley says when we walk every morning, but I think he has the most fun when we crash on the couch together after a long day and veg out OR when I take him to the dog park.

Does your dog have any quirky habits? Tell us about them.

♥ Henley has a stuffed monkey named Monkey Pistorious that is his best friend. He takes Monkey everywhere. If he gets up to go potty in the middle of the night, Monkey comes with him and then he takes Monkey back up to bed when he’s done. He also has the unfortunate quirk of occasionally ripping off Monkey’s limbs, so each of Monkey’s arms and legs have been sewn on multiple times and now have supplemental fur grafts holding him together.

Finish this sentence. If my dog had a song stuck in his/her head, it would be…

♥ Walkin’ on Sunshine.

At what point did you realize you weren’t just someone who has a dog, but a dog mom?

♥ For Henley’s birthday once we took him to the doggie spa. He got a blueberry facial. He loved it.

What’s one thing you want someone without a dog to know about being a dog mom?

♥ They really are family members!

What’s your favorite dog product?

♥ Bully barbells!

Now, share a favorite picture of your dog with us. 

Dog Mom Project - Henley

Happy tails…

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