Life Lately and Petco News

Happy almost Friday! 😀

Have you read the recent news about Petco and Petsmart?  Last month they announced that by early 2015 they would no longer carry treats made in China. Way to be, Petco and Petsmart. Way to be.

Here’s an article with more information. What do you think? Do you shop at Petco or Petsmart or do you try to shop at smaller, local pet stores?

What have we been up to lately? Here are some recent photos!


“Helping” in the garden…

Ridin' Dirty

Ridin’ dirty in his auntie’s new car…

Edward Scissorhands

Snuggling up on the couch with a good flick (Edward Scissorhands)…

Darn This Stuff

Darn this stuff! (Best line ever.)

All Them Dogs

Dog parkin’ it with all of his buds…

Teton & Henley

Beachin' It

Hangin’ at the beach with Henley P. and a new friend…

Musher's Paw

Aaaaaand being thankful for Musher’s Secret because those darn rocks and barnacles at the beach can sure hurt a puppy’s paws.

Happy tails…

One thought on “Life Lately and Petco News

  1. Yes, I have heard about that. Poor dogs being fed with sub standard quality dog food from China. I never really trusted China products particularly foods. By the way, I like the picture of them hanging out at the back of the car. so cute! 🙂

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