Life Lately

Oh, hi. 🙂

We’ve been pretty busy lately.

Dog Park!

Dog parkin’ with our bestie.

The Look

Getting baths after dog parkin’ it. (This is the I hate you, Mom look.)

Snuggle Bug

Snugglin’ up after a long day.

After Walkies

Catching our breath after walkies.


And hanging out in the truck with our bestie. We can’t get enough of our bestie.

My dear friend gave me the cutest print a week or so ago.


Did someone say go for a ride?

This is definitely one of Teton’s favorite phrases. I especially love this print because the dog looks a little like T, don’t you think?

The artist responsible for this adorable little thing is b.haven. She has so many cute prints!

Speaking of cute, if you follow me on Instagram (or know me personally), you know that I love CrossFit just about as much as I love dogs.

So, you can imagine my excitement when two of my passions collided in the form of The WOD Dogs Project.



I love the description of WOD Dogs from The FITographer’s website.

WOD Dogs is a community… WOD Dogs is a celebration of the dogs that support our sporting endeavours… WOD Dogs pays tribute to our best mates that watch willingly as we sweat, curse, even collapse, in defeat or triumph, run beside us regardless of weather conditions, time or terrain… WOD Dogs draws the correlation between healthy lifestyles and healthy dog ownership… WOD Dogs captures moments of true companionship, care and unconditional love…


And what’s even cooler is that The WOD Dogs Project is working diligently in the battle against animal cruelty. Such a fantastic pairing for those of us that love our dogs and CrossFit!

Check out the FITographer’s blog for more great photos of CrossFitters and their dogs.

Happy tails…

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