What’s on the Web

Hey there! It’s been a while.

Check out my latest finds on the web. They’re guaranteed to make you smile.

Photographer Lynn Terry has a fantastic portfolio of pet portraits. I’ve seen her “Pit Bulls in a Photo Booth” work on a few sites recently.

Here’s a teaser…


…but make sure you check out all of the photos on Bored Panda. (Side note – I heart Bored Panda.)

You think your dog is bad? It doesn’t get much worse (or more hilarious) than this story about a Oklahoma man’s two dogs that took his car for a little joyride this week.

And, because I love all things BuzzFeed, check out this fun photo collection of upside down dogs.

Number 4, 14, 42, and just completely made my day.

Happy tails…

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