Hump day!

Have you read this?

20 Essential Facts Dog Lovers Must Always Remember

No? Read it. Read it now.


It snowed like mad here on Sunday. Teton loves the snow. You can’t tell it by his expression here (jeez, talk about a major frown!) but he had a ball playing in his favorite stuffs.


My awesome husband built me this desk a few weeks ago and I finally got around to setting it up and getting my office organized. Teton sprawls under it when I blog or work from home.


Not amused by the amount of rain we’ve been getting lately. It melted the Sunday snow away in a matter of hours!


Hey, Mom. Meet my new friend. He’s handsome, isn’t he?

Stole that comment from a friend who put it on my Instagram.

Chewy's Valentine

I almost forgot that Valentine’s Day is this week but then my friends at sent me a Valentine’s package. How sweet! rocks.

Fox Terrier Scarf

If I’d planned better, I might have bought this adorable infinity scarf for myself for Valentine’s Day. It’s only $15.90 at Warm and Soft on Etsy.

Walk 1

We had a break from the rain today so Teton and I went for a walk. 🙂

Burt's Bees

A few weeks ago I received a few samples of Burt’s Bees pet products. I’ve used one a few times so I’ll be posting my review of it at some point this weekend. Be sure to come back and check it out!

Happy tails…

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