Dogs + Football

I’m not really that into football.

This Is Me


I’m also not really into dressing Teton up in anything other than a bandana.

My husband likes loves football. The Broncos are his favorite team but he’s also a Hawks fan.

Today has the potential to be a pretty stressful day.

Depending on who plays in the Superbowl this year, I think that, even though I’m not big on dressing Teton up, I’ll be buying some doggie football threads.

These jerseys are from Accessorize My Dog.

Broncos Jersey

Seahawks Jersey

If that’s too much for you, though, Accessorize My Dog also sells NFL collars and leashes.

Broncos Collar

Seahawks Leash

Here’s to a win for both the Broncos and the Seahawks today!

Happy tails…

2 thoughts on “Dogs + Football

  1. I’m with your hubby today (not literally). I am a Broncos girl through and through but the Seahawks have won my heart this year! I’m in my Broncos shirt for the next 3 hours then changing to my Seahawks shirt. Goodness know what I will do if both of these teams go the the Superbowl. I’ve thought about outfits for Sadie Mae (the cat), however I doubt that she’d tolerate them, and it isn’t worth the cat scratches to find out! Enjoy and may the best teams win!

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