Aw, come on. Liv-A-Little!

Hello, bloggies!

Did you see my recent Instagram of the necklace my sister made for me?

Instagram Pendant

Crafty, ain’t she?

She also made Teton this bandana a few weeks ago.

Teton's Bandana

Zap! Pow! Zoom! Captain Fuzzy Butt to the rescue!

Teton’s got this thing for freeze-dried treats. His first exposure to them was when sent us Orijen free-range bison treats. Then, a few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to receive another freeze-dried treat to test and review, Halo Liv-A-Littles!

Liv-A-Littles #1

Halo has a ton of great products ranging from treats to canned food to dry food to supplements. And, holy crap, Ellen is a co-owner. I’m sold!

Ok, but seriously. This is good stuff.

Liv-A-Littles #2

You know I love a short ingredient list.

There’s something to this whole freeze-dried thing. Teton can smell freeze-dried treats from a mile away and is glued to my side drooling for as long as it takes me to give him one two. 😉

I love that these treats are versatile. Yep, I went there. Who says treats can’t be versatile?

Liv-A-Littles #5

You can feed Halo Liv-A-Littles as-is, you can break them up into tiny training treats, you can put them in an interactive treat-toy, or you can easily break them into smaller shredded pieces and sprinkle them on top of your dog’s dry food.

Liv-A-Littles #9

Doesn’t it look like freshly cooked shredded chicken? (Teton picked all the Liv-A-Littles out and ate them first before eating his dry food.)

Liv-A-Littles come in three flavors – Chicken Breast, Wild Salmon, and Beef. We received the chicken from but I can pretty much guarantee that Teton would love all of the flavors.

Liv-A-Littles #7

Teton is a great chewer, but it’s on a whole different level with these treats.

Halo Liv-A-Littles are on sale at now so grab yourself a container or two.


Added bonus? If you have a cat they can eat Liv-A-Littles, too!

Thanks to for another great product review opportunity!

Happy tails…

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