A Boy Named Henley P.



Henley #1


No, we didn’t adopt another dog, but my sister and her husband did so I am now a legit “Auntie Shannon.” ūüėÄ

I call Henley “Henley P.” because the rescue that my sister and her husband adopted him from was calling him Pretzel, which I think is one of the cutest dog names I’ve ever heard. So, to me his name shall me Henley Pretzel but we’ll see if my sister and her husband buy off on that one.

Henley is a 6 month old terrier and miniature poodle mix and he’s as cute as a button and as sharp as a tack.

Henley #2

Teton, who is more often than not shy and standoffish around other dogs, loves Henley. In fact, they’re having a play date tonight!

It’ll be awesome to have another dog in the family that Teton can play with at family functions and on weekends.

Speaking of Teton, he is the epitome of his nickname – Captain Fuzzy Butt – since his winter coat has filled in and seems thicker than ever.

Here’s a video of Teton that I made using the slow motion feature on the iPhone.

He really is the best little chewer.

Happy tails!

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