Labor Day and Star Wars


At the Beach

How was your Labor Day weekend? After enjoying the sun all weekend we went for a nice, long walk to the beach on Monday morning.

We rounded out the day by gettin’ down on some ribs at my parent’s house.

Labor Day

Teton supervised. He received none percent of said ribs. 🙂

I’m not ready for summer to be over. It’s still sunny and warm ’round these parts and I am just fine with that! Teton, on the other hand, has definitely been feeling the heat.

Teton's Tongue

Does anyone else have a dog who sleeps with their tongue out? It’s ridiculous! I used to make fun of Teton (ok, who am I kidding – I still do) for always having his tongue out but then I read somewhere that dogs do that to help regulate their body temperature. Not so dumb after all.

He sure looks special.

Here’s another great shot of him being special.

Teton Sleeping

You’re welcome.

Last weekend I stopped by Petco to pick up Teton’s food and as I turned the corner to walk toward the food aisle I saw this…

Yoda Toy

And the skies opened and the stars aligned and trumpets rang out in jubilation.

That, my friends, is a stuffed Yoda toy.

Oh, wait. There’s more.


Petco has launched an entire line of Star Wars toys, clothes, and beds(!) for dogs and cats.

If you’re looking for a fun costume for your dog this Halloween, check out the Chewbacca Dog Hoodie, the Boba Fett Dog Hoodie, or the Yoda Dog Hoodie. Cute, well-priced, and not bulky and awkward like so many doggie Halloween costumes.

I didn’t buy anything for Teton but he may get that stuffed Yoda at some point. It’s just too cool to pass up.

Happy tails…

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