Tuff Guys

At a local pet store a few weekends ago I came across what may be one of the funniest toys I’ve ever seen.

Kyjen Tuff Guy Hank #1

This, my friends, is one of Kyjen’s Tuff Guys toys.

His name is Hank.

Hank has a rad ‘stache and a rockin’ six pack. It also appears as though he may have a slight unibrow, which he should probably work on.

Hank’s six pack abs are individual squeakers, which is sure to delight any dog and annoy any owner, which to me is the true sign of a good toy.

Among his other redeeming qualities, Hank’s entire back is covered in thick, luscious hair.

Kyjen Tuff Guy Hank #2

Face plant, Hank.

Hank has a few friends, as well.

Kyjen Tuff Guy Lars


Kyjen Tuff Guy Tony


I’ve never seen so much back hair in my life.

At $17.99 each, these Tuff Guys toys aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they’ll make you smile every time your dog plays with them!


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