Is your dog a member of Pack?

Pack is a fairly new site for dogs and their people. It’s basically like Facebook for dogs. Here’s what the folks at Pack have to say about their site:

“We believe there’s something magical about dogs and the people who love them. That’s you.

Pack is on a mission to capture that magic. We want to make it fun to celebrate and share the experiences we have with our dogs.”

Being on Pack is cool because it feels like you and your dog are members of an exclusive club that only lets a limited number of people in. And in reality, it’s not just a feeling. Pack really is exclusive in that you can’t join without an invite from someone who is already a member.

Teton has been on Pack for a few months now, but I honestly can’t tell you what the benefits are aside from connecting with other dogs and their humans in a social media setting. It’s a fun site to browse, but I’m still getting the hang of it.

Click here to view Teton’s Pack profile.

I’ve been busy preparing a fun review for you that involved a bit of crafting action this week.

The Secret Project

I not into crafting. Like, really not into it. But this is legit. Trust me.

Be sure to check out Her Dog Blog’s Facebook page for an update on when the review is posted!

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