…I’ve been Instagramming a lot. It’s addicting.

So, if you follow Her Dog Blog on Instagram you may have already seen some of these photos, but here’s what we’ve been up to lately.


Teton is over the animal shaped chews. Nope. Not interested.


He is, however, happy that we’ve stocked up on some of the essentials. Zuke’s Hip Action and Himalayan Dog Chews.


He’s also happy that he’s been spending lots of time with his bestie, Biju, at the dog park.



Biju’s mom and I are taking the boys on a little weekend trip to the beach. Biju sent Teton a text to confirm how amped he is for the trip.


So, Teton sent Biju a text. But it doesn’t really hold a candle to Biju’s.



The weather has been beautiful these last few days so we’ve gone on a lot of walks.


And since the sun is still shining, that’s where we’re headed now.

Happy almost-weekend!

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