Who Is This?

I know, I know. Who is this girl and why is she posting on Her Dog Blog? Yeah. It’s been a while.

Long story short, I stare at Excel spreadsheets on a computer screen all day long and most of the time I just really want to unplug at the end of my work day. But, that doesn’t mean that HDB isn’t still insanely important to me and I’m going to up my game in the ‘ol posting department.

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Teton After His Bath

Teton says hello and that he’s missed you. He had a bath the other day.

Our favorite dog park treat these days has been Max and Ruffy’s Banana & Coconut Mini Bites.


I got them a while back at this hippie vegan store in Seattle and think they are the bees knees.


No, Teton is not vegan and neither am I. But, these treats are! And that’s cool with this guy.


I chose the Banana & Coconut flavor because I know from previous experience that Teton likes coconut and he doesn’t get a ton of bananas so I thought it would be nice to mix it up. Max and Ruffy’s has 7 different flavors and they all look and sound awesome. (Pizza flavored dog treats? Heck yes!)


These Mini Bites have just a few healthy ingredients including banana, coconut, and cinnamon.


They’re also made in the US. Hooray!


I opted with the Mini Bites because they have just 2 calories per treat and allow me to easily give them as rewards on walks and while training. Max and Ruffy’s also offers the same 7 flavors in a larger size.


Itty bitty.

The 5 oz bag that I bought (which has approximately 255 treats in it according to the packaging) was $5.99. I’m cool with that. Good ingredients, fun flavors, perfect size.

The only downside to these treats is that I haven’t seen them anywhere but the hippie vegan store that I spoke of earlier, which I don’t frequent often. So, when we run out we’ll have to hunt them down. Me? Go to an inordinate amount of pet stores just to find one treat and get multiple new treats along the way? Sounds awful. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I’ve got some new dog-lover gift finds coming your way later this week, so see you then!

2 thoughts on “Who Is This?

  1. Ohhh I’m going to have to look and see if I can find those treats anywhere near us here in Portland (everyone here is super hippie-vegan, so they might not actually be too hard to find). I love how few ingredients they have and that they are grain free. I have been known to go to an inordinate amount of pet stores to find one item as well….like multiple in one day….like maybe I’ve been to 6 different pet stores in one day….and yes I ended up buying something at every store (I feel bad leaving the store without purchasing)!

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