Dogs on Treadmills

Hello, bloggies! Hope you are having a great start to your week.

We have a strict no-dogs-in-the-front-seat-of-the-car rule in our house.

Unless we’re at the Starbucks drive-thru. Then Teton thinks he can charm the pants off of the barista and get them to give him a cup of whipped cream.

Remember that amazing photo of a man and his dog in Lake Superior? Well, there’s a video. You’re welcome.

Oh, wait. Before you watch, get the Kleenex real quick.

Click here to watch the video

Maybe another way to keep your dog’s joints healthy is by encouraging them to hit the gym and walk on the treadmill?

No, seriously. According to the Huffington Post, dog treadmill sales are picking up.

I think Teton prefers good old fashioned walks, but hey, I applaud dog owners who do whatever it takes to keep their dog(s) in shape!

Stop by the blog on Thursday evening for a review of this mystery treat that I think your dog will love.

Have a relaxing night!




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