Celebradogs: Olympics Edition

Behind every great Olympic athlete…

…is their dog, of course!


One of my favorite swimmers, Natalie Coughlin, and her dogs Dozer and SheRa.


The most decorated Olympian of all time, swimmer Michael Phelps, and his dogs Stella and Herman.


Tennis pro Venus Williams and her pooch, Harold. Wonder if he fetches tennis balls?


Track star Lolo Jones and Boudreaux, who has his own Twitter account.


America’s newest sweetheart, swimmer Missy Franklin, and her dog, Ruger.


Another one of America’s newest sweethearts, gymnast Jordan Weiber, and her dog, Lucy. Oh, and her mom, too.


And finally, swimmer Ryan Lochte and his Doberman, Carter. My guess is Carter has a custom grill, too.


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