Dogs in the Workplace

Someone made me cardboard confetti!

Occasionally we give Teton cardboard or paper to rip up make confetti. This may sound like a big no-no, but he’s always been amazing about not ripping or chewing something unless we give him permission. Crazy, I know, but it works for us and provides him with a few minutes of good clean fun. Clean minus the whole me picking up tiny shards of cardboard thing.

The Little Blogger’s confetti making skills were discovered a few years ago when I took him to work with me and my co-worker and I started giving him pieces of cardboard that we no longer needed. He’d gingerly take a piece of cardboard bigger than his entire body from one of us and gallop into my office for a few minutes of pure bliss. It was a mess to clean up before I headed home for the day, but too stinkin’ cute for me to care.

Yesterday CNN released an article about dogs in the workplace. Being that I used to take Teton to work with me every day, I couldn’t be more of a fan of this idea.

I loved bringing Teton to work with me every day because it calmed me down during stressful times, forced me to take breaks (whether for my sake or for his), and served as a reminder that it wasn’t the end of the world if I didn’t answer every e-mail perfectly or pack every order in record speed.

And with a face like this looking up at me from under the desk, how could my work day not have been that much more enjoyable?

This pose was always a reminder that I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. šŸ˜‰

So, fellow Dog Moms and Dads, do you bring your dog to work? What do you enjoy most about it or what do you consider the greatest benefit?




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