Grow Your Own Treats

Back in February I wrote about the health benefits of feeding blueberries to your dog.

I buy blueberries on a weekly basis and Teton gets them in his food or as a treat at least three times a week. It’s a quick, easy add-on that is exciting for him and doesn’t involve dirtying up a spoon or singeing my nose hairs. (Wet food can stank!)

Last year when shopping for fruit and veggies to plant in my garden, I gave a couple of blueberry bushes a shot.

Blueberries are pretty much the easiest of all fruits to grow. Plant ’em, water ’em, and leave ’em alone Provided you have adequate sun, you’ll get a nice crop of berries in just one year.

See those little white berries? First they look like tiny white flowers and then they turn into light greenish berries. Once you’ve had some sun they start looking like this…

I’ve only plucked one from one of our bushes because technically you’re supposed to wait until a few days after they’ve turned blue to eat them. That one, though…it was delish! There’s something about growing your own food – it just tastes better than if you were to have bought it in the grocery store.

Hopefully we’ll have gobs of ripe blueberries to feed to Teton soon.

Have a relaxing evening, Dog Moms and Dads!

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