Dog Lover Art


We’re back from a great vacation.  Teton spent the week with friends and he was quite, shall we say, spoiled rotten?  😀  Isn’t it the best to have someone that you completely trust watching your dog?  It really makes all the difference when you’re away.

While we were on vacation we picked up a few little art pieces for the house.

The husband picked out the one of the left and I, of course, picked the one on the right.

They compliment the art that I picked up at the Teeje (TJ Maxx) a few weeks ago for $12.

I normally don’t go for this type of art, but it was too cute (and cheap) to pass up.  It’s hanging in the kitchen near Teton’s bowls.

Speaking of Teton, it appears to be shedding season.

I’m taking orders for Teton-hair sweaters.

After his brush-out, the little punk was amped up to go for a run when we got back from vacation.  I’m using a new harness/leash method when we run together so I’ll post on that soon.

Post-run is a good time to take pictures of your wiped out pooch.

We’re happy to be back!

Now, can the sun please come out again?

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