You Had Me At Woof

A few weeks ago, I finished the book You Had Me at Woof by Julie Klam.

My friend AW marched over to my desk at work one morning about a month ago and told me I had to read it.  I lollygagged a bit because I was in the middle of a few other books, but once I started it I didn’t want to put it down.

You Had Me at Woof is a fairly quick and easy read that details Klam’s experience as a foster for a Boston Terrier rescue group in New York.  Klam’s writing is smart, quick-witted, and thoughtful.

Now, once I finish To Reach the Clouds by Philippe Petit (if you haven’t seen the documentary Man on Wire yet, it’ll change your life) it’s on to The Art of Racing in the Rain!

4 thoughts on “You Had Me At Woof

  1. mmmmm… i’ve read The Art of Racing…. he is speaking in Seattle in April. not my favorite book – dog story but also brain tumor….


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