Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve…Or Around Your Neck

It’s Pinterest Thursday!

There are a zillion adorable pieces of jewelry out there for dog lovers, but here are a few favorites that I’ve  pinned to my Doogs board.

You Had Me at Woof by SayWhatCreations

Silver Dog Paw Necklace by newhopebeading

I Kiss My Dog Charm Necklace by trudyjames

Come on, admit it!

Pet Lover Necklace by akaoriginals

Personalized Pet Lover Necklace by westbyron

Puppy Love Necklace by NYmetals

Simple, but oh so cute!

Paw Pad and Fingerprint Necklace by flirtandflutter

This necklace is made up of half your fingerprint, half your dog’s paw print. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that!  And it’s way less creepy than those dog nose print necklaces.  Those are too much even for me.

Any other great dog lover jewelry out there, Dog Moms?

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